Emily In Paris Season 3 Trailer Shows Emily Living A Double Life At Work

Netflix has released a new trailer for season 3 of Emily in Paris, which shows Emily navigating a love triangle and work issues while dealing with life in Paris.

Emily in Paris season 3 gets a new trailer, further revealing Emily’s double life at work. The romantic comedy series stars Lily Collins as Emily Cooper, an American marketing executive who moves to Paris to work at a French marketing company. Its first season premiered in October 2020 and became popular with audiences for its light and whimsical tone, stunning visuals, and romantic portrayal of the European city. Emily in Pariscreated by sex in new york Darren Starr, generated some controversy in its first season when critics disagreed with his Golden Globes nomination for Best Comedy Series due to the show’s mixed reviews. However, the series survived the drama and managed a successful second season before announcing a third.


netflix released Emily in Paris season 3 trailer in Youtube before its premiere in December. The trailer shows Lily Collins returning as Emily Cooper and picks up where season 2 left off as the show’s heroine finds herself caught between two lovers, played by Lucas Bravo and Lucien Laviscount, while leaning on her playful friend Mindy, played by Ashley Park. , for support and trademark jokes. Some snippets seem to imply that things can’t be that easy at work either. Watch the full trailer below:

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Every Reveal in the Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer

Lily Collins as Emily Lucien Laviscount as Alfie in Emily in Paris episode 301

Emily in Paris has always addressed the themes of choice and destiny, exploring the benefits and consequences of taking bold risks in life. If Season 1 and Season 2 saw Emily navigate and embrace the Parisian culture and lifestyle, Season 3 sees her question her decision to move to Paris in the first place as she deals with the chaotic circumstances in which she she is found. The trailer shows glimpses of Emily in the middle of a love triangle with the technically unavailable Gabriel and the likable Brit Alfie. One tense clip shows the three sitting together on a train, the two men seemingly unaware of the connection between them, while another shows Emily having an awkward moment with Gabriel and Camille after the couple’s reconciliation. at the end of Emily in Paris season 2. Another scene shows Emily in French class, worried as she learns the translation of the phrase “not choosing is still choosing.” Emily seems to be struggling with the let do attitude he learned to adopt while living in Paris, as he feels his ability to cast caution aside may be short-lived.

The trailer also hints at good times, pool parties, gorgeous dresses, and what appears to be an entertaining bumper car fiasco. At one point, Emily declares to Alfie: “We always talk about work-life balance, and right now, I’m dedicating myself to life.” before moving on to footage showing her exploring what appears to be the south of France as she gets closer to Alfie. so far, the Emily in ParisThe trailer for season 3 seems to hint that Emily will part ways with her professional life and go on more adventures before making some tough decisions.

With the always glamorous City of Lights as a backdrop, Emily in Paris returns with her signature couture, sexy affairs, and familiar faces. Audiences can look forward to more of the same romance as they follow Emily through a series of life-changing decisions to discover if she will ever find true love in Paris. Emily in Paris Season 3 premieres December 21 on Netflix.

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