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“What differentiates women leaders?” This is one of the thought-provoking questions that Sweet Briar College challenges its students to consider as women leaders in their communities and organizations.

All Sweet Briar students take the Women’s Leadership Core – the university’s response to the traditional general education requirements found in most universities. All 10 courses are interdisciplinary and teach students to be effective communicators, ethical decision makers, and empathetic problem solvers. They can apply these lessons to all academic programs, paving the way for success in whatever field they choose to pursue.

“They [the students] they are free to investigate, challenge, test and grow. That’s what education is all about, and women’s colleges make it happen with the fewest barriers,” says Meredith Woo, president.

However, Sweet Briar goes beyond being a women’s liberal arts college with traditional classroom teachings. It is an inclusive community that prepares women to be future power brokers and empowers them to accept their capacities and identities as women.

According to Sharon Walters-Bower, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Designated School Official, Sweet Briar is a great choice for international students for many reasons. “Sweet Briar offers a community where young women are safe, expected to participate, challenge themselves academically, do research, and learn leadership development skills for success, both professionally and personally,” she says.

With students enrolled from 42 states and 19 countries, international students can easily find connections and a second home at Sweet Briar. Take, for example, Chinese citizen Tiffany Han, who chose this university for its small size and 11:1 student-faculty ratio.

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“I really love the time I spend with the teachers,” she says. “My friends at the bigger universities hardly have the opportunity to communicate with their professors.”

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Source: Sweet Briar College

What makes Sweet Briar stand out is its emphasis on overall physical and emotional wellness. With 2,840 acres of land and stunning scenery, the university offers a wide range of extracurricular programs that further inspire students to achieve their goals.

Nikhita Simhambhatla from Hyderabad, India found the perfect balance between sport and study here. “Academics have always been my priority, so I was looking to transfer to a school that would allow me to play. [tennis] at the same time that it provides me with resources to study well,” he said. “All my friends love to have fun, but at the same time they are very academically oriented. This also allows me to focus on my grades, while also balancing tennis, but never giving up any chance to have fun!”

Financial aid and scholarships were also some of the reasons that convinced Simhambhatla to choose Sweet Briar. The university aims to make education affordable for as many students as possible. Hence the inclusive and personalized assistance for scholarships, grants and student loan options. Forbes magazine has consistently recognized Sweet Briar as a “top value” college for its efforts.

Like Simhambhatla, Chilean student Ingrid Kalwitz Blanco is just as grateful for the support she receives. “My coach and my team have been very supportive and I know I can always count on them and depend on them for anything,” she says.

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ABET accreditation, national leader in innovation and sustainability

Sweet Briar is one of two women’s colleges in the US that has a engineering program. The school was also recognized by US News and World Report as one of the most innovative in 2019 and 2021.

Engineering students here follow a hands-on, project-based curriculum. Focusing on solving complex problems, they quickly become engineers ready to thrive at top companies and graduate schools where big-picture thinkers stand out from the crowd.

In its 26,000-square-foot greenhouse, the experiential learning laboratory continues. Add farmland, vineyards, forests, wetlands, and meadows, and the campus is a great space for your environmental science and sustainability programs to come back to life.

This focus on agriculture, land, and the environment is not just an academic endeavor – they are avenues for students to actively participate in student research projects.

Among the sustainability projects are projects such as Diversity in the World of Wine and Forest Farming and Mushroom Intercropping that offer students enriching experiences to think critically, analyze real-world problems, and come up with ideas and solutions.

“I explored the roles of fungi in soil health and did outreach on the potential of mushroom farming and other types of forest farming on the Sweet Briar campus,” says Abby Cahill. “Alternative agriculture is a rapidly expanding field, as climate and environmental issues are juxtaposed against a growing world population reeling from an industrialized agricultural system.”

Such future education is how Sweet Briar Graduates are making history. This is the place to be if you are looking to embrace and cultivate your unique abilities as a woman.

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Ready to join the next generation of women leaders and create a personalized experience for you? Forge your future with Sweet Briar today. Click here for more information on admissions for international university students.

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