EXCL.! Emily in Paris actor Camille Razat says playing with ‘clichés’ is the USP of show business

camila razat

Camille Razat (Credit: Instagram)

When you browse through her Instagram account, you can quickly assume that Camille Razat is probably exactly like her stylish on-screen Parisian persona in emily in paris. But she comes from the countryside in the south of France, a Parisian outsider who wanted to be a war reporter, not an actress. ‘Emily In Paris’ may have gotten her instant worldwide fame, but she has been modeling since she was a teenager and has also acted in many movies. After walking for Paris Fashion Week in October, Camille Razat chatted with me about her journey to world fame, fashion, and more.


Here are excerpts from our conversation:

RC: Tell me about your association with Paris fashion week and why Stand up Against Street Harassment is such an integral part of Le Défilé.

CR: Well, because it gives women the tools to react to street harassment, and makes them feel heard and understood. These are very useful tools to know when it comes to street harassment.

RC: You’ve been modeling since you were a teenager, but the journey wasn’t easy. They expect a certain kind of perfection from the models. You’ve dealt with your insecurities, including being rejected because of your height and more. Tell us about that trip, how he regained his self-confidence and felt more comfortable in his own skin.

CR: Well, modeling was definitely a challenge, especially since I’m not like your typical model: I’m short and I’m not very skinny. So, I fought because I was very young. But as I became an actress, things started to get easier because I was in someone else’s shoes, playing different characters. I’m more confident now, I guess.

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RC: ‘Emily in Paris’ gave you instant fame even though you’ve been acting for a while. Tell us how your life has changed and what you thought of the show’s portrayal of the French lifestyle.

CR: I guess it changed everything. Getting attention is weird, I must say. But I want to thank my community because they are amazing to me. And they share so much love, I feel like I’m the lucky one.

Emily in Paris is a show that aims to be light. It’s like augmented reality. So, we play with clichés, so the portrayal is meant to be funny and a bit over the top. That’s what the show is about, like Sex and the City.

RC: Tell us about your relationship with Lily Collins and how onscreen friendship translated offscreen as well. Do you expect Camille’s graph to become more complex in season 3?

CR: Well, Lily is a great professional and definitely someone I look up to. I admire her a lot because she is a very hard-working person. She never complains and she is always polite and nice to everyone. And that is quite rare. So, I love Lily and I think she translates on screen as well.

I can’t tell you much, but the graph is definitely getting even more complex. You can expect a lot of drama. You will see her more in her work environment. So, you’ll see more in her gallery, some romantic moments too, but I can’t tell you more than this.

RC: In the past, women have been encouraged to let go and keep quiet about their harassment. However, the trauma of bullying often remains, and today tough and influential voices have been part of the movement to support survivors. Being a model and working in the film industry, how did you deal with the bullying that exists?

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CR: Well, you know, I’ve been raised to be a tough woman. I didn’t have that kind of problem as I had a chance to speak my mind because it was so hard. I think predators know when they can and when they can’t. For me, it was like you weren’t going to do that to me, but there are a lot of things that still need to change and improve. We have to put more women in important positions in the workplace, so it doesn’t happen again.

R.C: You walked in Paris fashion week a few months ago. Could you tell us about the life of a model and the crazy things that accompany it? You also have a very chic personal style. Has it evolved over the years?

CR: Well, with Paris Fashion Week, the thing is, you won’t get any sleep. So make sure you drink your water and take care of your skin and hair. And as for my personal style, if it’s Paris fashion week, if I have to go from one runway to another, I’ll wear something very comfortable and very neutral like black or something very easy.

RC: You have protected your personal life and your social media posts are mostly work related. As a public figure, was it difficult to protect your privacy and how have you handled that aspect of your life?

CR: Well, I would like to keep my private life private, because I don’t want to let people have a chance to say things about my personal life because it’s my secret garden and I really want to keep it that way. The hard part is being recognized and constantly in the public eye. You know, I’m only human and sometimes I just don’t feel right, and I still have to put a smile on my face, and you have to be nice to people because they’re nice to you. That’s definitely a challenge, but people are very nice to me, so I can’t complain.

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RC: What do you think of India and the movies that are made here? Any Indian model or actor that you like and admire?

CR: Well, I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t know about Indian movies yet. I don’t know what to watch. There are so many movies. I mean, Bollywood is like the biggest movie industry. But I have to say that I love Dev Patel from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

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By Rudrani Chattoraj.