Fellaz announces his plans to support a Breakdance and

SINGAPORE, Dec. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Singapore-based Web3’s premier sports and entertainment ecosystem Fellaz continues to expand its presence in the Japanese market following its previous run of the NBA halftime show. Japan Games 2022 and Fellaz Showdown Tokyo in October this year.

With a focus on leveraging IRL IP and blockchain technology to revolutionize the way users experience entertainment and sports, Fellaz has been at the forefront of the Web3 movement. With its sights set on the Asian market and, this time, the Japanese market in particular, Fellaz is making leaps and bounds to strengthen its business and develop real-world use cases for decentralized ticketing and membership solutions in Japan’s major cities in the coming year, this time supporting an original regional breakdancing competition in Osaka and Tokyo. The brand behind the event and the details have yet to be revealed.

Breakdancing or breakdancing is a form of acrobatic dance that began during the 1970s on the streets of the Bronx. As part of a subculture called hip-hop that traces its origins to New York’s African-American and Latino communities, along with MCing, DJing, and Graffiti, breaking stands as one of the four elements of hip-hop. Breaking has come a long way and has become an adjudicated sporting event starting with the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

Starting with the halftime show starring FusionMC, a top-tier South Korean b-boy team, leading to the breakdancing battle pilot project that was held at 1OAK Tokyo together with Mortal Combat, a team of Highly revered b-boy who represents Osaka, Japan. , Fellaz has been getting into the scene.

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Fellaz plans to provide unique and engaging experiences for breakers and fans as well as participants within the Fellaz ecosystem from Japan and other Asian countries by integrating their technology solutions into the said IRL event.

By bringing the tech solution to the sleep scene and supporting the launch of a new street and urban brand that focuses on this particular art form that has now also become an internationally recognized sport, Fellaz will continue to present use cases from around the world. real for our ecosystem participants. This will provide valuable opportunities for growth and collaboration, as well as the chance to showcase the potential of Web3 technology in the sports and entertainment industries.

Bobby Bhatia, CEO of Fellaz, commented: “Breakdancing has long been a powerful form of self-expression and a cornerstone of youth culture. Fellaz is proud to support its growth and evolution. Through this initiative, our goal is to help the project as a sponsor and partner to provide opportunities for young breakdancers to showcase their talent and connect with like-minded people.We are excited to embark on this new journey and look forward to bringing our innovative platform to the Asian market, starting from Japan.”

About Happy

Singapore-based Fellaz is a multi-chain Web3 entertainment company delivering real-world value through proprietary technology and global entertainment assets. As a real-life and digital events powerhouse, Fellaz focuses on creating exclusive experiences and maximizing user engagement through NFT-based lifestyle ticketing and membership services in entertainment and sports. Fostering and co-hosting original IRL events while running a global lifestyle and entertainment membership service, Fellaz seeks to become the blueprint and viable prototype for aspiring Web3 businesses while delivering maximum value to the Fellaz ecosystem and members of their community. Fellaz connects users with the brands they love, making everyday entertainment experiences more unique.

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