Fendi unveils a new luxury store concept in Dubai – WWD

MILAN fendi is bringing more than a hint of Rome to dubai.

The Italian luxury brand has reopened its boutique in The dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue following an expansion that has allowed it to double selling space and introduce a striking new store concept to the region.

“This is the true flagship of the new generation,” said Serge Brunschwig, president and CEO of fendi, from the company’s headquarters in Rome.

The boutique, which first opened in November 2018, has gained a second floor and an additional 3,888 square feet, expanding it to a total of 7,560 square feet.

First, the store has three VIP rooms, located on the second floor: one dedicated to haute couture, another to art on the table, and a third to bejeweled Peekaboo bags. Fine jewelry is also being introduced and launched exclusively in Dubai. “This is a whole new world of retail,” Brunschwig enthused.

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The fine jewelry room.

Tellingly, the store opened in Dubai, an evolution of the new New York unit opened last year, and will be followed by boutiques in Tokyo and Seoul next year.

“The Middle East is a very important area for us and fendiFendi’s positioning is super compatible with the region and its desire for true luxury,” Brunschwig explained, adding that Fendi’s children’s line also works very well in the area, where families are very prolific, he said. “At Fendi we share the value of family,” she said.

By the way, the company has just opened a store in the new wing of the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, which the executive described as “spectacular”, inspired by the brand’s headquarters in the Palazzo della Civiltà in Rome.

Fendi unveils a new luxury store concept in Dubai – WWD FENDI Boutique Hamad Airport Doha

The Fendi boutique at Doha International Airport.

There are 20 Fendi stores in the Middle East.

“More than ever, physical retail is a priority, and always has been for Fendi,” observed Brunschwig. “Yes, we have an online business and digital is important, but as part of our omnichannel platform, facilitating dialogue with customers, but personal contact and relationship building is our priority. Hospitality and the sense of physical contact are essential”.

Designed by Fendi’s in-house architecture department, the flagship, which features the full women’s and men’s collections, reflects how the brand “is a master of materials,” Brunschwig said, for its expertise and craftsmanship in leatherworking. or wool and cashmere to look like fur, for example.

A striking round elevator, made of glass and gold flecks, alights in the opulent Yellow Diamond Room on the upper level, which houses a gold display of exotic Fendi leathers and furs. From this area, visitors can access the three VIP lounges, each defined by a gemstone, custom fragrance, and dedicated floral compositions.

Offering boutique-exclusive haute couture collections and Japanese-inspired pieces, the White Diamond Room features geometric cuts of Alaskan marble across the champagne-colored metal wall. This room is adorned with musky white flowers and its scent is creamy.

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The leather goods area on the ground floor.

The Amber Room previews the brand’s home décor and lifestyle accessories collection, introduced earlier this year as part of the Fendi Home Line And below Silvia Venturini Fendithe creative direction of . It includes tableware made of fine French Limoges porcelain, its distinctive plates with its Fendi O’Lock logo in black and white, creating a chain in micro and maxi versions highlighted with golden touches; Murano glass vases; scented candles and cashmere pillows and soft plaids, and board games like backgammon, tic-tac-toe, and dominoes. A dining table is set up in the living room, scented with leathery, fruity, and woody fragrances, and punctuated by black and white Patagonian marble and wood accents.

Characterized by a shell shape and bold Onice Bluette marble, the Sapphire Room features a powdery citrus and floral scent, and offers a rare-edition pair of Peekaboo Mini bags, designed to celebrate the reopening of the flagship.

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The sapphire room

One is a camel-colored alligator leather model finished in 18-carat gold and a clasp set with 12.9-carat white diamonds. The other is entirely embroidered with 24-carat gold-plated glass beads. It has crocodile details with an 18-carat gold finish and a clasp with 12.3-carat white diamonds.

Also directly accessible from the mall is a room in shades of white and accented with champagne-colored metal, offering furs, including one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces, fine jewelry, ready-to-wear, and specialty exotic items. capsule: a Peekaboo installation in emerald, amethyst and amber, on fine exotic leather.

The fine jewelry collection is designed by the artistic director of jewelry Delfina Delettrez Fendi exclusively for the reopening of the boutique.

Tinted with the FF logo, outlined by Karl Lagerfeld in 1965, the 13-piece capsule reinterprets the symmetry of the double “FF” and the reversed single “F” of Fendi First in 18K yellow gold and diamonds. The collection melds rigid curvaceous forms with shimmering solitaires that twist and turn in sinuous curves. Baguette-shaped diamonds accent the horizontal bars of the FF logo and brilliant rows of round-cut diamonds.

by Fendi first high jewelry collection was released in Paris last July, as reported.

The store’s champagne-colored and silver metal façade offers a modern reinterpretation of classic Roman patterns, with the two floors connected by geometric diagonals and glass windows emphasized by LED arches. These are reminiscent of the arches of the Fendi headquarters in Rome. The glass windows are adorned with historical sketches by Lagerfeld.

Brunschwig highlighted “incredible research on marbles,” such as the Italian Arabescato Vagli marble that runs throughout the boutique in a nod to Roman churches. There is also marble from Brazil.

Furniture by Fendi Casa and custom-made brass and Marmo di Rima display tables by Italian artist Roberto Sironi are key elements within the store, as is a site-specific installation, a handmade 3D glass spotlight. avant-garde with gold leaf inside.

The women’s ready-to-wear area is illuminated by a soft palette of ivory and pink, accented by warm shades of champagne and gorgeous Cristallo Tropicale marble tables.

The menswear space has more masculine tones, with shades of green and camel, with a Patagonia green marble table top and a handmade silver plaster back panel with the FF motif. The boutique features exclusive leather goods for men, including the Soft Trunk Baguette.

As a tribute to both the reopening of the boutique and the 25th anniversary of the Baguette bag, Fendi is launching a silver Baguette with matching Fendi First slingback heels, only available at The Dubai Mall.

Fendi unveils a new luxury store concept in Dubai – WWD 01 FENDI FFORMS Fine Jewellery Capsule Collection Dubai Mall

Fendi fine jewelry designs

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