Fintech, edtech, deeptech: 15 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Released in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature of YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles from the past week (see previous issue here). This special series of quotes focuses on the growing impact of digital media around the world. Please share these 15 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back in the original articles for more information.

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There are many exciting vertical use case opportunities to leverage deep technology to be able to provide digital transformation solutions to businesses. – Abidali Neemuchwala, Dallas venture capitalist

Once you define your business goals and objectives, using the latest data tools and AI can accelerate your growth and even be a huge game changer. – Vinay Dora, MultitudeProduct

Vertical SaaS is a huge opportunity being unlocked by a new generation of companies bringing a modern Uber and DoorDash-like experience to users across a wide range of verticals. – Vaibhav Domkundwar, best capital

In the current 4G infrastructure globally, about 80% of the towers in developed countries are connected with fiber and only 30% in developing countries. – Kumaran Venkatesh, Astrome

As a software company, the most important asset to protect is data and code. Mayur Lunawat, HTS


Culturally themed casual games have the potential to cause massive disruption in the gaming space in India. – Justin Shriram KeelingLumikai

More SMBs and startups want to advertise on outlets other than social media, but are unable to do so due to limited assets and strict laws in each state. – Gayatri Reddy, Bellplus Media

While edtech companies are improving the online education system, a major concern is how user data is collected, retained, analyzed, and potentially traded. – Nishant Chandra, Newton School

There is immense potential for a data-driven platform to disrupt the [raw material procurement] market. – Munish Bhatia, India Accelerator

The general gap in the inclusion of fintech for housewives is very evident. – Veer Mishra, more

Consumer behavior and borrowing requirements for different clients may require varying levels of services with financial products and digital literacy. – PwC-AMII report


The use of technology can help make [healthcare solutions] more affordable and universal, something that India’s more than 600 million women need immediately. – ajay srinivasan

It is time to change the narrative and integrate gender equality into all aspects of life. – Rachna Kanwar, Radio City

speed and precision [of diagnostics] they are of paramount importance, especially in the context of a severe shortage of pathologists. – Chinnu Senthilkumar, Exfinity Venture Partners

The increasing prevalence of lifestyle related diseases is a trend that cannot be ignored and calls for new age interventions using technology. – Rajiv Srivatsa, Indian flagpole

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