‘Healthy Homes for All’ Webinar Sponsor: Business Leaders Can Make a Big Impact

know about ‘Healthy Homes for All’ Webinar Sponsor: Business Leaders Can Make a Big Impact

'Healthy Homes for All' Webinar Sponsor: Business Leaders Can Make a Big Impact imaginemore logo white crop

When the third installment of the six-part free webinar series, “Imagine More: Racial Justice Begins With Us”, takes place at 6 pm on Tuesday, Heather Houstoun is hopeful that the housing-themed event will draw a large turnout, as the first two parts of the series did.

But Houstoun, a board member of the Fund for New Jerseysponsoring the show, is hoping that a certain segment of the New Jersey community will also listen: the business community.

Houstoun, who has advised governors on both sides of the aisle for decades, said he understands the importance a nonpartisan business leader can bring to any issue, but especially one often viewed through a progressive lens.

“I’ve often told business people, ‘You are in a special position of privilege, and your willingness to ask questions can cover conversations that can easily become polarized,’” he said.

Business leaders, Houstoun said, play a unique role in society.

“I think business people have a leadership role in their community and in their school boards and in their own business community, to raise issues, to say, ‘How blind are we to the things that are happening here?’ And because they are likely to be white males, not always, but often, they can ask that question in very different and very effective ways,” he said.

The event, “Achieving Safe and Healthy Homes for All,” will feature policy experts, legal scholars, civil rights advocates and activists.

Taking place in the same month as the 54th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, the event will feature a discussion of discriminatory practices that have led to failed housing policies and outline strategies to improve the lives of all New Jerseyans through pathways to wealth-building homeownership, as well as climate-resilient and healthier homes. (Register here.)

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The event, moderated by Grizel Ubarry (Vice President, The Fund for New Jersey) will feature prominent political leaders Eric Dobson (Associate Director, Fair Share Housing Center), Sheryll Cashin (Professor of Law, Civil Rights and Social Justice, Georgetown University) and Gantry Fox (director of operations, Salvation and Social Justice).

Following the event, participants will receive resources and information to guide them as they advocate for fair housing reform in their communities.

Houstoun hopes that business leaders, whether they attend the webinar or not, will be leaders in the future.

They have the power, he said.

“I’m often the person who says, ‘Who does this affect? Who can contribute to this?’” she said. “And I can tell you that it is much easier for a business leader to do this, compared to anyone else.

“I think what I would say to business leaders is, ‘You can be an ally with little risk to yourself and you can help solve a big social problem.'”

The event is the third in the six-part Imagine More series.

Future events include:

  • Building Political Power of the Most Impacted: July 19 (register here).