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Remember that it is not what you eat today or tomorrow that matters, but what you eat overtime, which affects your health, says Gerald Ruzindana, health consultant and president of Amazon Nutrition Cabinet, Kigali. Ruzindana takes us through what it means to find a lifestyle that suits his lifestyle. Below are the excerpts;

What do you mean by finding lifestyle changes that fit your lifestyle?

Lifestyle is simply the way a person lives. Under normal circumstances, everyone was created with the ability to think, plan, and act. Your lifestyle includes any choice or action you make that influences your life in one way or another, positively or negatively. However, our attitude determines our altitude; a group of different attitudes constitutes a set of mentality. At Health & Wellness, we believe that your food choices have a huge impact on how your body will function and, taken together, reflect your health outcomes.

Healthy habits require practice and routine and it is estimated that after approximately 21 days, starting a new behavior begins to feel natural.

And how does this come about?

It’s your regular routines that determine your long-term health. There are several dietary choices that affect our overall health, for example, enjoying plant-based foods more, as our body’s natural receptors interact better with plants than with any other type of food.

Understand the role of proper nutrition against the risk factors that come with a poor diet such as; eating unprocessed foods instead of processed foods, eating whole foods/grains instead of refined foods, and limiting trans fats, salt, and sugar are adjustments that promote behavior changes.

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What needs to be done to ensure this is achieved?

There are three main categories of lifestyle changes, the first is psychological changes, this involves changes in your attitude, your mood and the way you handle stress. On many occasions, your perception of certain things influences your body’s ability to cope with difficult times and all of this has a direct impact on your health.

After your inner person controls and cultivates positive energy, you will live healthier and avoid the most common ailments. Also, behavioral changes are another aspect, living with high rates of craving for snacks and processed foods, be wary of its effect, in the long run, it should be the ability to limit your consumption because living healthy is a choice.

Number three is dietary changes. Here, we are referring to health options that can help someone lose/maintain and manage changes, including portion sizes, hydration and other physical activity levels, sleep patterns, and all other aspects of health. good health and wellness.

Any more advice?

All of these adjustments may be familiar to you, but their effects on our bodies are enormous. Considering current health trends, the public needs to be more cautious and vigilant when it comes to bodily wellness, disease prevention, and chronic and infectious disease management.

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