Heart Evangelista confirms that she now has a new apartment in Paris

It is confirmed! evangelist at heart an apartment has been found in Paris, France.

When asked during her Instagram live streaming session on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, about “things you bought recently”, Heart told his fans that he has been saving up to buy nice furniture for his new apartment in Paris.

The 37-year-old Kapuesta actress said: “I just bought an apartment so I don’t really plan on buying anything else because I have all my nice furniture.”

“I really want it to be very, very nice. So I’m saving up for that.”

“But I’ve also been very busy doing whatever, shopping. So the only time I have free is to lie in my bed and rest.”

It is not clear if he has rented the apartment or if he has bought it.


It’s been just over a month since Heart left the Philippines for Europe, leaving many of her followers wondering if she is now in France.


They became even more curious after the news about her. house hunting in paris It made the news in early September.

In the same Instagram Live session, Heart was asked by a fan if he had made Paris his home base.

The heart said “No, I’m not living [in Paris]”, citing some projects in the Philippines that required his attention, emphasizing that he had to keep working to maintain his lifestyle.

I have work here [in Paris] and work in the Philippines, and we need work, because, you know, we need to be independent to pay for your stuff and wit [hindi] asking for anik-anik.

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“So we have to work very hard.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, just like that [humihingi lang], charot! We are not like that, I am a working girl. In agreement?”

The GMA-7 actress also clarified that her trips to Europe and fashion week have always been part of her job and not just for “lakwatsa.”

She said: “A lot of people ask me about fashion week and they ask me what I’m doing here, pure lakwatsa, emeng ganyan.


“No, it’s a job. It’s not easy. It’s just beautiful and she’s happy because it’s something I love to do. I love dressing up.”

“And it’s really a full-time job. You know, I’ve never been the sit-at-home-and-wait type. I’m very creative with my time. I’m very creative with my time.”

“I’m a working girl. I’m not ‘Miss Hingi,’ so yeah, I work. So that’s what I do.”

When does Heart return to the Philippines?

Heart replied, “Indefinitely!”


Heart previously revealed their Paris house hunting plans through a vlog collaboration with Christine Bersola-Babao.

Uploaded to YouTube on August 28, 2022, it was filmed just days before Heart flew to Europe to attend fashion shows in Milan and Paris.

In the video, Christine asked Heart if he had started collecting art.

Heart said he’s been doing his shopping “paunti-unti”; explaining: “I’m really saving my money. I have to save. I’m really like, ‘I have to save.


“I’m saving kasi for a place in Paris, because if you calculate, it’s the same,” referring to how much he would spend on accommodation and flights to and from the Philippines and France.

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