Here’s how to get hired at NayaOne

Finextra went behind the scenes at NayaOne to quiz Ambar Vitelli, head of strategic partnerships, about the qualities the fintech is looking for in new hires.

NayaOne specializes in forging partnerships and offering products across the financial sector by employing fintech-as-a-service and cloud technologies. The company helps banks, companies, and regulators develop services in digital assets, ESG, and Web 3.0, among other areas.

What top tips can you offer to candidates looking to join the industry?

Vitelli tells us that candidates need to keep in mind the disruptive nature of fintech today and the rapid emergence of new solutions and verticals to keep up with the fast pace of the industry. Finance and tech experts join forces with creatives to push industry boundaries; applicants must be willing to push the boundaries and grow with the industry.

“Your work has an impact: fintech is a fast-growing industry that offers innovation and change. You need to be able to drive change, improve products, support marketing, and create the perfect user experience.”

What does NayaOne want from its ideal candidates?

Vitelli points out that the most successful hires are ambitious, collaborative and active people who are willing to see the big picture and solve problems.

Candidates must also be reliable, adaptable, forward thinking, communicative and motivated. It is desirable to be able to integrate with the team both in projects and socially.

What roles does NayaOne have? currently hiring for?

NayaOne is currently hiring for the positions of Innovation Consultant, Front-End Engineer, Software Engineer/Technology Analyst, and Business Analyst, among others.

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Why work at NayaOne?

Vitelli emphasizes that NayaOne’s diverse and growing business culture, and a rare wealth of experience across sectors are significant draws.

“The composition of the NayaOne team reflects the ecosystem in which we find ourselves. The team is comprised of former bankers, consultants, technology professionals, graduates, former insurance and VC advisors, and former public officials. This provides a single environment with insights from all parts of the ecosystem, particularly banking and tech startups where most companies often struggle. A candidate who brings his own experience to our rich and diverse team would go a long way to the success of our mission, to enable technology for the future of finance.”

Vitelli believes that it is essential that NayaOne employees see themselves as part of a whole and work for the mutual benefit of their colleagues and the overall growth of the company. Being able to envision and pursue the future potential of the industry is a much needed and advantageous trait, she says.

According to Vitelli, “We are in a unique position to identify emerging trends within the UK and global markets early. This is due to our position at the center of the ecosystem which has resulted in a network of fintechs, VCs, banks, regulators and associations. These insights also provide an opportunity to understand the requirements of both the bank and the technology side of the market.”

What does NayaOne offer its employees?

NayaOne offers employees a budget for personal development and training to encourage growth. All team members stay informed on product development through regular developer demo sessions and weekly lunches are held to foster workplace camaraderie.

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What can NayaOne do for you?

NayaOne employees are provided with health insurance, personalized gym memberships/wellness packages, maternity leave and childcare support. Workers have the option of choosing to work from home or come to the London office, although attendance at the office 2 or 3 days a week is recommended.

Tell us about the success stories of employees who have risen through the ranks at NayaOne

Vitelli tells us her own story, starting with a background in English literature and working her way up with the help of CEO Karan Jain: “With little to no technical experience before starting NayaOne, I was nervous and excited. Excited by the fast-moving nature of the industry and the vision of where NayaOne would be in the years to come, I dove in headfirst.

“In a short space of time, I was supported to develop technical skills to be able to speak with partners and to be able to demonstrate our platform to some of the largest organizations in the world. I am incredibly fortunate to work as part of a team that did not limit my role due to my lack of technical experience, but rather supported me in learning and expanding my knowledge and horizons. I am incredibly proud to work for a company that has strong values ​​and truly supports the growth of women in tech!”

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