How much does it cost to dress like Emily in Paris, and within her luxurious lifestyle

The EXPERTS recently took a look at the real costs that make up the extravagant lifestyle seen on the hit show Emily in Paris.

the Netflix show is gearing up for its third season and stars Lily Collins like Emily Cooper.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Airs on Netflix December 21


Emily in Paris Season 3 Airs on Netflix December 21

Emily is an aspiring marketing executive who moves from the United States to Paris offering an American point of view to the French marketing company.

However, her lifestyle is a bit questionable to many who see her.

we have i saw emily flaunting designer clothes, living in a beautiful apartment and still having money for coffee every day.

So how can a lower level employee live such a glamorous lifestyle?

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Based on the extensive work of new casinosshe can not.

The research company itemized most of her expenses and found that Emily spends $120,006.37 to maintain her lifestyle.

The problem is that his salary is estimated at $46,980.95.

This means that you are spending $73,025.42 above your annual income.

“The findings are a friendly reminder that his lifestyle isn’t exactly one to admire, given that his salary doesn’t cover half of his expenses,” a spokesperson told The US Sun.

As you wait for the third season to premiere on December 21, check out the experts’ findings.

Clothing and accessories – $76,795

Clothing is her biggest expense and her most expensive habit, according to New Casinos, as Emily is always seen in designer clothes.

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The character is no stranger to luxury brands like Valentino, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Balmain.

One of her most expensive pieces of clothing was Vassilis Zoulias’ yellow patterned jacket from the fourth episode of the second season with a price tag of $53,987.96.

Rent – $33,127

The beautiful apartment that we see Emily living in is on the Place de l’Estrapade in the fifth arrondissement.

Because it’s close to one of Paris’ top attractions, the Pantheon, his apartment is estimated to cost $33,127.84 a year.

That’s just over $2,700 per month.

While it may not sound like much to some people, it’s beyond her lavish lifestyle, as she only makes $3,915 per month.

Also, your utilities cost you $2,372.40 a year.

Dining Out – $3,239

While Paris is known for its wonderful food and wine, Emily is definitely in on the culinary delights.

She’s been seen dining out at some very expensive places, so experts predict that if she goes out twice a week, this could be her third most expensive habit.

Also, she is usually seen with a coffee in her hand, which adds up.

Assuming you have a cup five days a week and based on the average price of a regular cappuccino in town, your annual coffee bill is $228.

The nightlife of Paris is another practice that Emily does on the show normally with her friends Mindy or Camille.

The experts determined that if Emily drinks two cocktails a week, the total is $1,295.70 a year.

Transportation – $2,948

Because the show revealed that Emily got lost on the subway, she now takes taxis, which aren’t cheap.

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Assuming this is your primary mode of transportation, you are spending $2,947.74 per year on taxis.

Viewers can check out the rest of his eye-catching spending when the new season hits Netflix starting December 21.

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