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  • The best site for making collages is Topsters 2.
  • Topsters 2 connects to your account and lets you create massive collages including album titles, play counts, and more.
  • collages allow you to show your musical tastes to anyone by giving them an image that contains all your favorite music.

If you spend enough time with music fans online, you’re sure to stumble upon a collage. These sum up your musical tastes in a single image, by generating a massive collage of album covers for all your favorite songs or albums. This makes it easy to share your music with anyone, including social networks.

Here’s how to make your own collage.

How to make a collage using Topsters

There are dozens of collage makers on, but the site most people use to make their own is Topsters 2. This is an incredibly simple website that allows you to connect to and generate collages of all your most listened to albums.

You can make collages up to 10 x 12 tiles in size where all album covers are the same size, or use a template that makes some larger than others. You can also choose to include album titles on the side, so people don’t have to guess from the covers alone.

To start, head over to the Topsters 2 website and click or tap the show options button in the upper left corner. These options allow you to customize the size and appearance of the collage.

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Use the options to choose what type of collage template you want: the first option, Collage, it will make all the tiles the same size and will also allow you to choose how many albums to display. The other options come with a set number of tiles and make them different sizes.

The checkboxes and text boxes below allow you to add a list of all album titles and play counts (how many times you’ve played each record) to the right side of your collage and change the background color and font of the collage. collage.

The collage options on the Topsters 2 website.

Choose how you want your collage to look.

Topsters 2; William Antonelli/Insider Information

Next, it’s time to add the albums. select red import button in the upper left corner. In the pop-up window that opens, check the box Update Active Chart option, then type in your username and choose what time period you want the site to base your collage on.

The site will import all your data from and fill the collage with your best albums. You can now continue editing your collage using the options or by dragging the album covers to rearrange them. If you’ve enabled album titles, they’ll automatically rearrange to match the order you choose.

Two screenshots from the Topsters 2 website, showing how to import music from

Your albums will fill the collage.

Topsters 2; William Antonelli/Insider Information

But if you like how your collage looks, click Download PNG either Download JPG at the top right. It will save your entire collage as a single image, which you can then share with anyone.

And the next time you open the Topsters 2 website, it should have your collage saved so you can edit or save it again. To start a new collage, click the New either Erase options at the top left.