Huison Virgin DHA Helps Infant Formula Safety Regulation and Innovation Development

XIAMEN, China, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In April 16 and 17the “Seminar on Infant Formula Perfection, Registration Guidance and Analysis of Nutritional Ingredients under the New National Standard” was held online by China Food Industry Productivity Promotion Center and co-organized by Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. The seminar brought together leaders of relevant Chinese companies. departments, famous experts, professors and representatives of excellent companies.

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In order to better meet the health and nutritional needs of Chinese babies, the national food safety standard infant formula (GB10765-2021) will be officially implemented on February 22, 2023. In the coming years, infant formula will move toward standardization of safety and refinement of ingredients, nutrition will move closer to breast milk.

Ning Xiaoxiao from Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the seminar and shared the original R&D intention, R&D process and industrialization cases of virgin DHA dairy products, finally emphasizing virgin DHA application solutions in infant formula milk. dust.

Original R&D intention: to solve the technical difficulties of industrial applications

DHA has the function of helping to improve vision, memory, heart and brain vessels, but DHA is particularly susceptible to its own structure, form of existence, temperature, light, oxygen, humidity and pro-oxidation factors, it is highly susceptible to oxidation, rancidity, polymerization, double bond conjugation, and other chemical reactions, which result in oxidation of DHA oil, thus affecting the function and usable range of DHA.

Keep exploring new sources of DHA: no need for multiple processing, with high antioxidant stability

Several studies have shown that in addition to common fish oil and algae oil that can provide DHA, breast milk is also rich in DHA, which is a natural lactation mechanism unique to mammals, but ruminant dairy products are low in DHA, so infants Formula milk powders and infant milk products should add additional DHA as a nutritional supplement.

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To solve the problem of applying externally added DHA, Huison Biotech’s R&D team, inspired by breast milk, investigated further and found that the lack of DHA in dairy products is mainly due to the lack of DHA sources. DHA in ruminant dietary nutrition. . Through multi-conditional and multi-factorial investigation and repeated scientific investigation of “ten years for one”, it is finally determined that targeted fermented HS01 schizochitrium powder with easier absorption is provided in the diets of ruminants, which is characterized for a content rich in DHA and stable. DHA exists in the algae cells, maintains the natural structure and integrity of the whole cells, without any processing damage to the cells, such as wall-breaking extraction, and has passed the safety evaluation (oral toxicity, toxicity trigenetic, teratogenicity, etc.) by national authorities.

Virgin DHA: similar to the source of DHA in breast milk, virgin nutrition, safe and easy to absorb

DHA pure virgin milk, i.e. milk containing DHA after milking the cow by ingesting fermented schizochitrium powder HS01. This process is similar to natural food rich in DHA through dietary supplementation of nursing mothers, which is metabolized by the mother into breast milk fat and exists in the membrane of the milk fat globule, while the membrane of the milk fat globule is a natural protective barrier for DHA. with a unique oil-in-water emulsification structure, which is unique to mammalian milk. Using flow cytometry and gas chromatography for analysis, it was determined that virgin DHA in milk is present in the membranes of milk fat globules, and its structure and form of existence are similar to those of breast milk.

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Through stability test, virgin DHA in pure milk is found to be more stable than DHA added externally to milk or milk powder, and does not change the original flavor of milk. Through testing and evaluation, the triglyceride structure of SN-2 DHA is also similar to that of breast milk, which is more stable. Through more experiments and intake evaluation, it is found that its absorption effect is better than externally added, and it is more easily digested and absorbed by the body. In short, DHA virgin milk has the characteristics of virgin, nutritious and safe, easy to absorb, no fishy smell, and high added value.

Virgin DHA application solutions in milk powder for infant formulas according to the new national standard

According to the new national standard, the level of DHA in infant formula must be higher, but existing infant formula on the market generally has a lower level of DHA than the requirement of the new national standard. As the experts said at the seminar, there are technical difficulties in continuing to increase the amount of externally added DHA, you need to resolve the odor, taste, oxidation stability within the shelf life, changes in content stability, as well as the uniformity of the mixture, the solubility, the absorption. and other problems

Currently, the DHA content of industrialized raw milk is 10mg-20mg/100ml. After it is made into whole milk powder through the spray-drying process, the content of virgin DHA can reach 80mg-160mg/100g, which infant formula companies can add in proportion to the formula, solving the technical difficulties of the external addition of high level of DHA. and make the DHA content in infant formula easily meet the regulatory requirements of the new national standard.

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Huison Biology – Bringing health with technology

Xiamen Huison Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on microbial-driven fermentation and industrialization of virgin DHA. Huison’s schizochytrium species and high performance pure virgin DHA milk have been patented by Porcelain, USA, Australia Y Japan.

Huison’s Schizochitrium Powder provides industrialized solutions for virgin and organic DHA dairy products, which is the leading patented technology for global industrialization. Huison DHA Algae Oil has passed EU certification, FDA GRAS certification and US organic certification. It is physically extracted, safe and preferable.

Huison Biotech always adheres to the mission of “Passing health through technology”, focuses on the microbial-driven fermentation industry, and is committed to becoming the solution leader of the health and nutrition industry. natural.



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