I went without children and it is a perfect weekend.

Monday 05 December 2022 15:22

I went without children and it is a perfect weekend. Disneyland Paris for adults

As Disneyland Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary, Adam Bloodworth checked in to feel nostalgic for his childhood and found a wholesome weekend without too much temptation to drink and be hedonistic, and plenty of fun attractions too.

WEEKEND: I had hazy memories of gawking at the Castle and meeting Mickey Mouse in the 1990s. It was when I was a kid and I was the target market for Disneyland. Now that I’m 33, like many people my age, I’m probably more reliant than I should be on a hedonistic London lifestyle. The appeal of going back to Disneyland Paris was that it would take me back to my childhood: could the pink castles and It’s A Small World attraction really offer me escapism, and a healthier rest, when I push pens instead of strollers for a living?

CAN ADULTS GO WITHOUT CHILDREN? I don’t have children, and when I emailed Disneyland to see if they had this newspaper to visit, they were delighted I asked. Promoting adults-only weekends is part of their plan to keep the Park fresh as they celebrate their 30th year, even if the kids will always be the main focus. The reality is that there is a lot to do here as an adult and it is exciting to see the Park again from an adult perspective.

I went without children and it is a perfect weekend. Disneyland Paris
The newly renovated castle at Disneyland Paris

WHAT IS IT LIKE WITH ADULTS ONLY? Wonderfully innocent with a dash of dark humor. Flanked by security guards, Jafar from The Lion King walks past us in his cape. He leans in to greet a girl in a pram, using her cane for balance. She pushes back on the stroller as if she’s trying to break the rear end and bellows the loudest scream. It’s magical to see how much the kids love it here, but it’s just as exciting to watch the chaos from a distance.

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As you walk through the districts, you’ll occasionally see scenes like this: famous characters from Disney movies are escorted from the afternoon children’s show to a photo opportunity, yada, yada, and at the end of the afternoon everyone gathers to perform the Parade, where thousands line up. the streets for a joyous explosion of song and dance. The queues for the rides can be wild, and some feel like they’re 30 years old, but there’s a charm to the older rides that have an old charm rather than just feeling dated, but the newer rides like Ratatouille one and Space Mountain are Very funny.

I went without children and it is a perfect weekend. Walts
Walt’s restaurant at Disneyland Paris

HOW SHOULD I PLAN MY ADULTS ONLY DAY? It is worth purchasing Disney Premier Access to avoid the lines. While it doesn’t feel in the Disneyland spirit to wander past the queuing families, in practice it means you can spend the day doing the rides, then head back to the Newport Bay Hotel for a swim in the luxurious pool just a short walk away. the limits of Lake Disney, cool off, and then head back to Disneyland for the night. Best of all, there’s virtually no alcohol everywhere, plenty left over for Ratatouille restaurant and Walt’s restaurant and a champagne cart that winds its way through the crowd in time for the 11 o’clock show at night.

Had a glass of wine and beer all weekend – there are enough rides and parks to make sure you don’t end up with a lot of time to enjoy drinks, making it a wholesome weekend. But if you do, the escapist Walt’s is decorated like a family home when the park’s founder was alive, and is so effectively intimate that I instinctively stopped when I walked in, feeling like I had really trespassed into someone’s living room. , full of photos of trinkets and fussy furniture. It makes good food too. Gazing out at the newly refurbished castle while a brilliant light show projects the film’s characters towards it, glass of champagne in hand, isn’t much of a struggle either.

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Visit Disneyland Paris yourself

Eurostar goes to Paris and back from £78. The Paris metro is around £10 to Disneyland from Gare du Nord. rooms in the Newport Bay Hotel Disneyland Paris starts from £188. Entry from £50; disneylandparis.com

Take the Eurostar to Paris after work on Friday and you’ll have plenty of time to dine in the French capital before a late check-in at Disneyland on Friday. we had a great time in bellanger brewery a ten minute walk from the Gare du Nord station. Visit Disneyland on Saturday and the smaller Walt Disney Studios all day on Sunday and return to London at 10 or 11pm

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