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Do you think your elected officials should work as hard as you do? I certainly do. It’s what Michigan residents deserve. The Republican-led majority in the House sets the legislative agenda, and hours this summer are limited: one session day in July and one in August, no attendance required. The apathetic agenda of the majority of the Republican Party means improvements for the people of Michigan are stalled. They have taken gasoline away from the vehicle that makes democracy advance. If legislators don’t meet, we can’t introduce bills or create policies that deliver meaningful results for the people of Michigan.

We have work to do, but we can’t do it with the limited hours that have been set. As a result, we cannot adequately do our job for you. My bosses are the working families who live in Grand Rapids and across our state. work for you In order for legislators to do our work for you, we need a schedule that prioritizes getting bills to the Governor’s desk, and that takes time in Lansing.

Despite my Republican counterparts taking an extended summer recess, House Democrats have kept working hard. Over the past year, we introduced and passed a series of laws that increase the daily and long-term prosperity of Michiganders. I have sponsored a wide variety of legislation that contributes to a more prosperous today and tomorrow, including bills to improve health care, childcare, education and facilities for veterans.