ICC launches 100% Cricket Mentorship program at the ICC U-19 T20 Women’s World Cup

The ICC 100% Cricket movement has been amplified by its first ICC 100% Cricket Mentoring Program during the opening of the ICC U19 T20 Women’s World Cup in South Africa.

The ICC 100% Cricket movement has been amplified by its first ICC 100% Cricket Mentoring Program during the opening of the ICC U19 T20 Women’s World Cup in South Africa.

The program aims to support young people in their development during the tournament with learning opportunities around health education, with a focus on menstruation and its effect on performance, media training and general support during the training sessions, team meetings, planning sessions to conclusion. of the group stage tournament matches.

Following the successful launch of the 100% Cricket campaign in 2020, with subsequent listings of properties such as the 100% Cricket webinar series, 100% Cricket Super Stars, 100% Cricket Podcast, 100% Cricket Future Leaders, 100% Cricket Coach and Umpire Workshops and the ICC Annual Conference themed 100% Cricket, the ICC has taken its commitment to raising the profile of women’s cricket a step further with the 100% Cricket Mentorship Programme.

The 16 participating teams have been assigned a mentor with the intention of supporting, encouraging and inspiring the future stars as they transition onto the world stage and become heroes.

The mentors are helping to give players a world-class experience both on and off the pitch at their first World Cup, sharing their own experiences as young cricketers and providing insight into navigating big tournaments and their blossoming careers in the future.

The mentors are as follows:

  • Mignon du Preez – South Africa and United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Trisha Chetty – Indian and Sri Lankan
  • Abtaha Maqsood – Scotland and Bangladesh
  • Sunette Viljoen – Australia and United States of America (USA)
  • Frankie Mackay – New Zealand and Indonesia
  • Lydia Greenway – England and Ireland
  • Anisa Mohammed – West Indies and Rwanda
  • Sana Mir – Pakistan and Zimbabwe
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ICC Women’s Cricket Manager Snehal Pradhan said: “As part of our approach to supporting member countries and teams participating in this tournament, the ICC has launched the 100% Cricket Mentorship Program.

“With so many players participating in a world event for the first time and some teams making their debut on the world stage, we wanted to give them the opportunity to rely on not only the support of this event, but also an attached big sister. to your team

“That allows the players to rely on the experience of athletes who have walked a mile in their shoes and know what it takes to do well in a world tournament, handle the pressure but also enjoy it.

“It is a special project for everyone who has been involved in the ICC, as it is the first of its kind. With so many role models emerging from women’s cricket, they have an opportunity to give back to the next generation and the opportunity for the ICC to support the future stars of women’s cricket is truly amazing.”

Former Pakistani captain and mentor Sana Mir said: “The Mentoring Program provides a unique opportunity for the next generation of cricketers to have their role models by their side to support, guide and help bring out the best in them.

“It is still very fresh in my mind when we were discussing in the ICC Women’s Committee about the importance of having mentors during our travels.

“Having a U-19 Women’s World Cup and providing additional support with mentors shows the ICC’s commitment to expanding women’s football. It gives me immense pleasure to mentor Pakistan and Zimbabwe and I enjoy watching the players flourish before our very eyes.”

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Lydia Greenway from England also shared her excitement about being on the show. She said:

“This is a hugely exciting stepping stone into the player journey.

“We want to make sure they leave the tournament with brilliant memories and experiences, with the motivation to carry on with the game.

“It’s been an exciting time with the players and watching their growth with each match in the tournament has been really rewarding.”

From Scotland, mentor, said Abtaha Maqsood; “The 100% Cricket mentoring program is an exciting innovation and the players who go through this tournament are incredibly lucky to have female role models they can look up to.

“When I was younger, I struggled to find female role models within the game due to the lack of visibility in women’s cricket, but an initiative like the 100% Cricket Mentoring Program helps change this. I am honored to have the opportunity to mentor Scotland and Bangladesh, we have had a lot of fun so far and there has been a lot of learning and growth from a player point of view. They have been hungry to soak up what has been shared and it has been an incredible experience so far.”

USA head coach, legendary former West Indies hitter and ICC Hall of Famer Shivnarine Chanderpaul said of his team’s mentor:

“ICC Mentor Sunette Viljoen assigned to our team has been fantastic and an inspiration to the girls. Her wealth of experience as an international cricketer and Olympian has connected her with the players in the US. She is an inspiration on and off the pitch, from her daily inspirational quotes shared in the team chat group to her presence on our training sessions has been an added value.


“Many of the girls certainly see a possible path to a professional cricket career, similar to Sunette, we have an Olympic hopeful in our team who was certainly impacted by Sunette’s presence.

“Regarding the other aspects of the ICC 100% Cricket Mentoring Program launched this year, all the workshop sessions have been very informative and an added dimension to the development of the total cricketer.”

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