I’m a Shopping Expert: 3 Secrets Hidden in Costco Price Tags, Including How to Spot Discounts

A COSTCO member and money expert took to social media to share some store secrets about the popular warehouse club.

Milan Singh, what’s up milansinghhh on TikTok, he has an Executive Membership at Costco.

TikToker milansinghhh explained how to read some Costco price tags


TikToker milansinghhh explained how to read some Costco price tagsCredit: TikTok/milansinghhh

in a recent videoMilan advised others on some of the things she learned about how Costco uses labels on their price tags.

As he went on to explain, the store uses a wide range of symbols, colors and prices to indicate different things about the product being advertised.

Knowing the differences between the different labels at Costco can help shoppers find what they’re looking for more easily while saving money.

Here are some of Costco’s labeling codes and how you can take advantage of them.

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1. Asterisks

If you see an asterisk on the price tag of a product you like, you should quickly fill your cart with that item.

Asterisks indicate that your Costco location does not plan to restock that particular item, Milan explained.

And while it means the product has been discontinued, it also means it’s likely to be priced lower as a result.

2. Colors

The vast majority of price tags at Costco stores are printed on white paper.

However, you may notice at least one other color on certain labels throughout the store.

Milan pointed out that a green label indicates that a product is organic, while white price labels are used for non-organic items.

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3. Specific price extremes

Milan mentioned that there are certain numbers you can keep an eye on for discounted items.

Specifically, prices ending in .49, .79, or .89 represent sale items, but those aren’t the only numbers to look for.

“The real deals are at prices that end in 0.88 or 0.00,” Milan advised.

On the other hand, he said that items with price tags ending in .99 or .98 are not discounted.

Prices with .99 are set by Costco and are not discounted, while .98 labels are set by manufacturers and sold at Costco.

The Sun contacted Costco to confirm this.

More ways to save money at Costco

Looking for Kirkland products, specifically wine, is a great way to save at Costco.

Wines with the Kirkland label are usually half or more.

Plus, brand-name products are often labeled Kirkland, so you’re getting high-quality wine made by top wineries exclusively for Costco.

Costco can also help you save on medications.

When you become a member, you’ll have access to the prescription drug program, which offers estimated savings of 2% to 40% on prescription drugs.

Paying $120 for an executive membership above the $60 level can also help you save in the long run.

Membership includes discounts on Costco’s wide range of Special services such as auto parts, home or auto insurance, and home repairs.

The real kicker is a 2% cash back on most purchases, including costco travelup to $1,000 back.

If you spend $3,000 at Costco in a year, an achievable goal if you do most of your shopping there, the executive membership pays for itself.

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Non-members can also try a Costco hack that allows them to shop without a membership.

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As the school year progresses, Costco shoppers can also stock up on these top 10 items for easy school lunches.