“I’m so smart, or so crazy, I don’t know”: woman reaches a legal agreement with her fiancé that if he cheats on her, he will have to pay her bills

Prenuptial agreements make people feel in many ways. On the one hand, signing a document that dictates what will happen after your divorce means that you think separation is a possibility. On the other hand, you never know what can happen in life and how a person can change, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Prenuptial agreements are individual for each couple and you can agree to whatever terms you want. This TikToker, for example, has a clause in her document that says if her fiancé cheats on her, he will pay her bills and the internet went crazy, having all kinds of reactions.

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Woman just got engaged and shared that part of her agreement with her fiancé talks about what happens if he cheats on her

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Chaylene Martinez performs as a comedian in her Instagram account and on TikTok, you can find that she really likes to joke around and share that her pets are cute. she very first video was published in January and has 12.8 million views.

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Recently, one of his videos blew up again and has 8.1 million views. In that video, the woman shares that she just signed a legal document with her fiancé and one of her parties says that if he cheats on her, he is obligated to pay her bills.

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in a tracking videoAfter being accused of being crazy and not trusting her boyfriend, Chaylene explained that this clause was actually her fiancé’s idea. The woman has trust issues regarding finances because of her experiences, so she needs reassurance, but the cheating part of her is not that serious.

The couple was working on the document and Chaylene joked about making it a condition that if her fiancé cheated on her, she owed him her life and would have to be sterilized, for lack of a better term.

Turns out the man included that part after Chaylene joked about it and owed him her life.

Image credits: @salamiiqueen

You can check out the viral video below.

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Because the fiancé was typing the document, he decided to write a part about what would happen if he cheated. Of course, he wrote it more professionally and chose a more realistic consequence, but nobody forced him to do it.

The TikToker actually thought it was “super romantic and cute and cheesy” and a sweet gesture that shows the man isn’t even thinking about other women and doesn’t think he can do that and if he does, he deserves punishment. .

In the end, the fiancé walked away with a realistic consequence of having to pay all of Chaylene’s bills.

The video went viral with more than 8 million views, but not everyone was celebrating with the woman.

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According to Grayson AttorneysThe purpose of the prenuptial agreement is to “provide clarity to couples on how their assets will be divided in the event of a breakup, and the exact details will vary from case to case.”

They are useful because they “provide some certainty in circumstances where you would prefer to agree in advance on the distribution of your assets in the event of a divorce, rather than leave it to the discretion of the courts.”

Many people thought it smart to include such a condition and were glad that the man himself put it there.

While the document sounds great legally and you can agree to whatever terms and conditions you feel are fair when you’re writing the document, it still sparks debate and makes couples seem materialistic or have no prospects of lasting long.

divorce law firm Mann and Kemp says there is no evidence to support the notion that entering into a prenuptial agreement increases the likelihood that a couple will divorce. They claim that it could actually strengthen the relationship because “a prenuptial agreement will require a couple to talk honestly about each other’s financial rights, responsibilities and expectations.”

But some doubted how strong the trust between the two is if they have to put it in writing.

Also, you never know what might happen, how the person will change, or what your life circumstances will be in the future, so it is best to “Plan now, while respecting and caring for each other, how you want to treat each other in a future.” divorce and certainly how you want to treat each other in the event that one of you dies while you are still happily married.”

hello prenup Compare a prenuptial agreement to an insurance policy. When you insure your home, you’re not thinking it’s going to burn down; actually, you hope he doesn’t. But in the unlikely event that you do, it’s smart to protect yourself.

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Prenuptial agreements are helpful in a divorce case because they often help get the process done faster.

Although the firm of legal advisors irwin and irwin points out that the procedure of discussing the agreement is not always pleasant and can generate various conflicts or even resentments during the marriage, so signing such a document is not for everyone.

divorce network He adds that sometimes the parties do not know what they are signing because they do not know much about business or finance. And he does not always guarantee that the divorce will go through without court, because one of the spouses may realize that his agreement was not fair.

But it can be detrimental to the relationship if either spouse resents it.

In the end, it depends a lot on the relationship and it seems that this couple is more cheerful.

DeShon Laraye Pullen PLC, a firm specializing in family law matters, comes to such a conclusion: “Merely broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement should not harm your relationship. After all, if the two of you are still married, it will never come into play. However, if you decide to separate, you can provide protection and benefits for both of you.”

The differing views on prenuptial agreements were evident in the comments section below Chaylene’s video, as people couldn’t agree on whether the woman was smart or crazy. While some of them didn’t believe such a relationship could last, others saw the fiancé putting the clause himself as definitive proof that she is a keeper. Let us know his thoughts on the video and pre-marital agreements in the comments!