Imagineers share vision and concept art for the transformation of Disney Village into Disneyland Paris

disneyland Paris is in the initial stages of transforming the entire resort and its Disney Village. The transformation begins with the addition of Rosalie, a traditional French brasserie, to the district. With new changes looming in 2023, Disneyland Paris shared an interview with Imagination Engineers Jean-Marc Mounet, Senior Project Manager, and Greg Ashton, Executive Architect. They discuss the vision for the future of Disney Village and how it fits with the Disney experience for guests visiting Disneyland Paris. A new piece of concept art was also revealed, providing an artistic look at what the future of Disney Village will look like. Check out the full interview and concept art below.

The Disney Village improvement plan is an opportunity to rethink the design of this key area in a holistic and strategic way.

True to its original purpose and design, Disney Village will remain a dining and shopping district that celebrates Disney storytelling in an artistic and contemporary style. This creative vision drives the current project and is also an opportunity to reintroduce consistency to an area that has evolved considerably over the years.

As Greg Ashton explains: “As originally envisioned, Disney Village was a much smaller venue and was later added to in stages. Some of those additions sometimes compromised the flow and connections with our offers. Our team had the opportunity to look at the development as a whole and was able to make several strategic and thoughtful changes to the existing infrastructure that will have a significant and positive impact on the guest experience.”

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More than ever, Imagineering is inspired by the Parisian lifestyle

While you might be wondering if a transformed Disney Village would look like those at other Disney resorts. entertainment districts around the world, the Imagineering team ensures that it will maintain its own identity: “Our team was inspired less by a unique and specific place, but more by the vibrant and active lifestyle that our Guests seek,” shared Greg. “Our challenge is how to integrate that within the context of Disney Land Paris and how to make it work year-round.”

Imagineers share vision and concept art for the transformation of Disney Village into Disneyland Paris svg%3E
Imagineers share vision and concept art for the transformation of Disney Village into Disneyland Paris

Disney Village will continue to complement the Guest experience at Disneyland Paris by celebrating Disney storytelling in a contemporary style.

A bridge between the immersive worlds Guests experience in our Parks and real life, Disney Village will offer a seamless transition and the opportunity to extend their Disney experience if they choose.

“Our focus at Disney Village is more of a celebration of the stories and experiences our Guests cherish,” Greg said, adding that the touch of Disney magic will include “lights, music and a series of unique art installations that represent our characters and stories in a contemporary style”. styles.” In this sense, landscaping will play an important role: “The landscape is what unites Disney Village. This cohesive approach will enhance Disney Village’s overall identity and ensure the space is easy to navigate with plenty of places to relax.”

Next steps for the project include groundbreaking on the Rosalie brasserie and a new façade wall at Disney Fashion Junior.

Jean-Marc Mounet shared that the team is already working on the backstage areas of Disney Village to prepare for the stage work. “The real start of the overall transformation is the construction work on the new French brasserie Rosalie, which we plan to open in January 2023,” reveals Jean-Marc. He adds that the next step will be a new facade at Disney Fashion Junior: “This will be the first of many new facades across the street. It will also serve as a proof of concept, that is, a portion of the wall where design and construction techniques for the rest of the building’s facades can be tested and adjusted.”

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It takes a town…

If there’s one trade secret Jean-Marc is willing to reveal, it’s that it takes a village to bring such an ambitious creative vision to life. “Transforming an existing infrastructure is not just a challenge from a design and development standpoint. It also requires taking into account all the conditions, including the fact that the streets will remain open to guests throughout the renovation! To make sure that Disney Village meets all the expectations of current and future Guests, our project team involves creative forces like Imagineering, but also various operational and support teams from Disneyland Paris.”

What do you think of what you are seeing of the transformation of Disney Village? You are excited? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!