Inclusion, cohesion, empowerment: 30 inspiring quotes of the year on social entrepreneurs and opportunities for impact

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Entrepreneurship is hard enough, but spreading the fruits of the venture to underserved communities is another dimension entirely. From ideation to implementation, the changemakers in this build have memorable words for all of us. Please also refer to our previous compilations of annual quotes for 2021 Y 2020.

We have divided this collection of 30 quotes into five categories: General panorama, Social entrepreneurship, Sectoral impacts, Inclusion and empowerment, and The road ahead.

Your history thanks all the teams of social entrepreneurs and NGOs for their tireless and inspiring work to create a better world. We wish all the founders and readers a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year in 2023!


The panorama

Five core values ​​form the mindset of a socially conscious organization: act carefully, be truthful, honest, use discretion, and don’t operate out of greed. – Priya Nair Rajeev and Simy Joy, ‘Being an Impact Champion’

India’s path to economic prosperity requires equitable development through an entrepreneurship-driven model. – Jacob Poulose, social alpha

The challenges and possibilities of our country demand that we work together as one, overcoming all divisions of wealth, region, religion, caste, and more. – Azim Awards, Azim Awards Foundation

World Bank data shows that India’s female labor force participation rate is the 11th worst in the world, at just 19% in 2021. – Harshvardhan Lunia, Lendingkart

Gender equality is not just a fundamental human right: it is the cornerstone of a prosperous contemporary economy that promotes sustainable and inclusive growth. – Robin Bhowmik, Manipal Global Education Services

Cities will become smarter when there is an equitable distribution of resources, the inclusion of populations in the informal sector and social cohesion. – Rajendra Joshi


social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is more than starting companies; it is empowerment. – Lisa-Marie Fassl, founding women

If entrepreneurship is a hard life, social entrepreneurship can be harder. – Neelam Gupta, AROH Foundation

Start-ups need to move further into diversity and inclusion by implementing universal design concepts into their product design. – Tanaya Sarma, herbs that speak

For [social change] For it to happen, the core business has to change, new business models have to be created, which can help make profits and create value for society. – Rishi Agarwal, Asia FSG

Fortunately, we are lucky to have a strong ecosystem of startups powered by innovators who are focused on solving real problems and creating real impact. – Pallav Kumar Singh

Social impact is about executing it not for monetary gain but for the satisfaction you get when you do a good deed. – Monish Darda, Icertis

Businesses have a responsibility to give back to their communities, and social impact initiatives are just one way to help. – Adams Kanyagia, Digital Ocean


Sectoral impacts

The vernacular market presents one of the biggest opportunities for any edtech company. It’s a huge need-based impact market. – Karanvir Singh

To boost the education of underprivileged students, we must emphasize skills development programs and we must teach new age skills to help them face the real world. – Akhil Shahani, Ask.Racing

While government funding is available for research and development of assistive technology solutions and private capital is available to scale up, the chasm in between has many startups struggling to survive. – Pragyan Sagarika Pani, social alpha

We need more companies that can be instrumental in driving the inclusion of LGBTQ+ health coverage as part of group health insurance policies. – Kriti Rastogi, Plum

The glasses generate an incredible return on social investment, unlocking more than $43 in potential income at the household level for every $1 of philanthropy. – Ella Gudwin, Vision Spring

Considering the diversity of the Indian community, where poor health is the manifestation of many social and economic problems, an integrated approach proves to be very effective for the betterment of the underprivileged and of society as a whole. – Anant Pandhare, Dr Hedgewar Hospital


Inclusion and empowerment

The increased social mobility of women is a sign of a vibrant community and a strong nation. – Rajan Samuel, Habitat for Humanity India

Women’s economic empowerment is critical to poverty reduction and shared prosperity. – Megha Phansalkar, Tisser Artisan Trust

In India, family acceptance of transgender people is minimal. Even if there is emotional support, that does not translate into financial support. – Mann Chavan, TALMS Charitable Foundation (Trans: Alms)

There are still big challenges facing LGBTQIA+ people, in smaller cities, where acceptance is not easy due to a lack of awareness and some misconceptions. – Manish Chopra, Indian Amazon

In India, unlike in Western countries, families are a big part of our tour tours. LGBTIA+ people cannot be themselves without some kind of open and proud support. – Varun Abraham, Qucciberry

India needs a place where women and the LGBTQIA+ community can openly talk about their sex lives, their desires, traumas and health issues, all of which need to be resolved. – Aishwarya Dua, the most shameless

Members of the LGBTQIA+ community are three to four times more likely to experience serious mental illness. – anshul kamath

Right now, the conversation about LGBT+ inclusion is still very much limited to the organized sector, mostly foreign-based multinationals and then a few Indian companies. – Ramkrishna Sinha, Circle of Pride

It’s hard for queer teens to break social conditioning, as teen lives in some parts of the country are already decided by their elders or society, which doesn’t give them the right to be themselves. – Yagya Chopra

In recent years, many small LGBTQIA+ collectives have sprung up in small towns across the country. The younger ones are taking the initiative now. – Saddam Hanjabam, Ya_All


the road ahead

Reformers will play a role in creating a level playing field and in restoring peace and balance to the world. – TN Hari, ‘Winning Middle India’

India needs a truer, broader definition of social leadership that juxtaposes impact alongside markets. The impending global transition to a shock economy offers a solution. – Amit Bhatia, Aspire Impact

CSR can definitely contribute its bit to India’s social and environmental challenges, but it cannot effectively solve problems that are too big, systemic and structural. – Meena Raghunathan, ‘Doing Good’

The desire to give permeates the social fabric of our country, and philanthropy has been booming in India, especially among our young population. – Siddharth Ladsariya, Youth Volunteer Organization

Financial independence and a learning mindset create socially conscious and empathetic individuals. – Monisha Banerjee, Anudip Foundation

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