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Have you heard? A scientist has made some progress in building an artificial womb facility that can produce 30,000 babies. It is said to be a step up from the scientific breakthrough made in that direction in 2017. It offers the ability for parents to have personalized babies.

I first got a clue to this, reportedly the “world’s first” of such a facility codenamed ‘Ectolife’, from a video sent to me with the footnote frighteningly reading the following: “We’re seeing how these globalists are moving us towards a future where a transhumanist agenda is pursued… where gender dissolves, where biological women are no longer needed.” The footnote adds: “Today, the Cambridge dictionary updated its definition of women to include men. And now, a German molecular biologist has come up with a new concept for the world’s first artificial womb facility called Ectolife, which could incubate up to 30,000 babies a year.”

If I may quote Firstpost, an online publication, at length, it says: “Ectolife is a concept that offers parents to ‘produce’ personalized babies with the help of artificial wombs. An ‘Elite Package’ would allow people to choose their baby’s intelligence level, height, hair, eye color, physical strength, and even skin tone. Have you ever imagined that a baby is ‘produced’ in a factory-like environment? The report then makes it clear that Ectolife is just a concept for now. It’s the brainchild of Hashem Al-Ghaili, we’re told, a Berlin-based producer, filmmaker, science communicator and ‘molecular biologist by trade’.

There will be five years of public awareness and education to help people become more receptive to technology. In total, it will take more than 10 years for the installation to become a reality. The UK online edition of the Mirror quotes Al-Ghaili as saying: “Every single feature mentioned in the concept is 100% science-based and has already been achieved by scientists and engineers.”

How does the installation work? According to Mirror online: “‘An Elite package’ would allow genetic engineering of the embryo before implanting it in the artificial womb.” There’s a gene-editing device called CRISPR-Cas 9. With the tool, ‘you can edit any trait in your baby across a wide range of more than 300 genes. The technology would also allow parents to “fix any inherited genetic disease. The facility is intended to help curb the problem of population decline in some countries “such as Japan, Bulgaria and South Korea, among others.” It also aims to help childless couples become parents to their own biological children. Women will have the option of having children without going through pregnancy or even conception. It will be a solution for women who have had their uterus removed as a result of diseases such as cancer. Experts are optimistic about the development. No doubt, when the installation of the artificial womb comes to fruition, it will bring hope and joy to countless couples and humanity will hail it as another great step in the life of man and a triumph of technological marvels over nature, after all, The first product of IVF once acclaimed as a YouTube baby turns 45 this year.

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Louise Brown was born on July 25, 1977 at Oldham and District General Hospital, Manchester, UK. Louise has set out to have her own baby, but naturally. Her younger sister Natalie, also a product of IVF, was the first of the YouTube babies to conceive and deliver her baby naturally later in her life. Being a mother without the help of technology eased concerns about the consequences of the IVF experiment. Confident is the world today that there are around six million in different parts of the world produced through a technological device called IVF. Leslie and her husband, John Brown, thus opened the floodgates for IVF babies and her mothers. Such is the success that makes man reach the false conclusion that he has dominated Nature and is its conqueror. But is he? Time will still tell.

Time magazine in its digital edition recalls the skepticism that the arrival of the first test-tube babies received, even from scientists, in many cases outright rejection of the IVF device. He remembers British geneticist Robert J. Berry saying in his comments at the time: “We are on a slippery slope. Western society is built around the family; once sex is separated from procreation, what happens to the family?” The first baby to be born in the United States through IVF treatment was in 1981. Since then, around the world, what started slowly with a wait-and-see attitude has turned into a flurry. In 2016, in just one month there were more than 70,000 IVF births.

The order in Creation is that where procreation takes place there is an exchange of radiations between a woman and a man. The exchange triggers a radiation activity in the woman that sends a tone to a soul eager to incarnate. A compatible soul or one that needs to pass through it to satisfy the karmic bond is selected from among many. So, the elemental beings set to work, in elaborate activities to model the model of the astral body, the version of what the growing body will be like, as well as the fine threads of fate of the future baby connected to its soul, its balance sheet showing credit. and debt of his past earthly life. In In Vitro Fertilization, the supposed tissue between the yearning mother and the soul that is in her vicinity is subcontracted to the surrogate mother in whose womb the eggs and sperm are encapsulated. Even when a woman conceives with donor eggs and sperm prepared outside her body, but via a test tube, the initial heat and radiation triggered by the exchange of fluids between the couple is missing.

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Therefore, the radiation bridge that only a woman is by nature capable of providing for attraction is missing. The radiation bridge arises from the delicate intuitive faculty special only for a woman and her blood radiation also plays a decisive role. It is after the elemental beings form the prototype body that the fertilized ovum begins to divide, forming tissues, organs, systems, and connection channels between the soul and the mother-to-be. In cases where the fallopian tube has been blocked, it is the surrogate mother who provides the connecting channel for the radiations normally between the soul and the mother-to-be. It is the soul itself that provides the threads that it has collected in the course of its wanderings with which the elemental beings weave their carpet of destiny. The elemental beings work in perfection, incorruptibility and absolute loyalty at the service of the Most High.

If there may be concerns about the hidden consequences of IVF in the perhaps not foreseeable future, what then can be said about the possible consequences of installing an artificial uterus into which an embryo is implanted, a product of genetic engineering? The radiation bridge, exclusive only to women due to their abundant spiritual endowments and which is a connection channel for drawing a soul and weaving threads, will undoubtedly be missing. The new device aims to curb deaths from pregnancy complications which, according to the World Health Organization report, amounts to around 300,000 a year. It is believed that it will reduce human suffering and reduce the number of caesarean sections. The artificial womb is being held up as a device full of promise, as it is expected to make premature births and C-sections history.

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It is one thing for a program to be well-intentioned, but another thing for it to be in accordance with the Laws of Nature that carry and manifest the Will of the Almighty Creator and that are decisive in all matters. Everything that goes against them cannot last. They are perfect Laws that act by themselves and operate in all of Creation. They are also known as Divine Laws. Collapse awaits anything or activity that opposes it, no matter how long it takes. As I have pointed out repeatedly in these pages, each activity is a seed planted in the soil of life. All activities can only be grounded if they conform to these laws which ensure that each seed goes through the full range of germination and maturation processes and is then harvested. The harvest that awaits humanity by adopting the artificial matrix facility, also called Ectolife, is not hard to behold, sooner or later. Your guest is as good as mine!