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Valencian Courts, Spain, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Insurance Cover Spain has launched expansive services for English-speaking customers in Spain, who can now find the best insurance cover for their unique requirements with no hassle.

Torrevieja Translators, based in the Alicante province region, has been the go-to local translation company for clients for some time now. Over the years, he has also gained experience in the world of insurance through working with immigration departments, where health insurance is of great importance for residency applications. He has also been working on translations for insurance claims.

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Spain Insurance Coverage

The company has built on that experience with the launch of the new company, Insurance Cover Spain, for the benefit of English-speaking people in Spain. Launched in 2022, the company aims to offer the best insurance they need for their NLVs (non-profit visas) that are required before moving to Spain. Insurance Cover Spain is bound to be the only place you will have to look due to its wide range of services.

To begin with, they are insurance agents registered with the DGSFP and comply with GDPR data protection. They have forged a partnership with Caser Seguros, which allows them to bring many exclusive offers to the table for expats in Spain. From health insurance to cars and pets, the company has all the solutions that people are looking for to ensure that their stay in the country is well protected as it should be.

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But at the heart of exemplary service is their attention to detail and understanding of the client’s specific needs. You can do this because Insurance Cover Spain speaks the language of its English-speaking customers, whether in sales or customer service, as well as in the claims departments. That is the reason why customers do not have to worry about any language barrier in Spain and can be sure that their needs are safely covered by the company.

Their vast experience working with expats in the country has enabled their well-trained team to offer carefully considered cover based on your requirements. Insurance Cover Spain is also dedicated to providing personalized services to each client, not only before and during, but also after you decide to take coverage with them. Interestingly, they are also the one-stop insurance service for the varied requirements of the clients.

Those looking for health insurance can benefit from the wide range of options in front of them, which is also true for life insurance coverage. Home insurance and travel insurance are some of the other popular services offered by the company. Clients can opt for burial insurance, car or motorcycle insurance, and civil and business liability insurance. The company also offers pet insurance options to ensure all clients’ family members are covered while providing impeccable service and support.

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Established by Torrevieja Translators, a renowned name in the business, the company aims to provide personalized customer service to ensure clients get the best insurance coverage based on their specific requirements.

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