Jena Frumes claims Jason Derulo cheated on her before their split

Jena Frumes claims that Jason Derulo cheated on her before their split:

Jena Frumes and Jason Derulo. Shutterstock (2)

almost a year later Jason Derulo Y Jena Frumes broke up their relationship, she has opened up about her story.

“I wouldn’t call myself a whore,” Frumes, 28, wrote via an Instagram comment on Thursday, June 30. “It is unfortunate that my situation did not work out because we once aspired to be married, but maybe it is better to be single. than being in a relationship and constantly being disrespected, cheated on and lied to. Or is it better to stay and be quiet so that people will love you? … Approve?”

The social media influencer, who was first linked to the 32-year-old singer in March 2020, doubled down on her stance in a second statement.

“Women really don’t deserve to be treated and judged as they are. No one aspires to be a single mom,” she explained via Instagram Story on Thursday. “It is the greatest heartache and failure for me personally to know that I am alone in this. But if your non-negotiables are being tested, you will never find peace in that relationship.”

She added: “If the streets come first, I can’t change that, so stop blaming women like we chose the single mom life. That sh*t is so annoying. You don’t know what women go through to try to ‘make it work’. It was never about money or dating someone famous.”

While Derulo has yet to publicly address his former partner’s claims, she did state that she was “in love” and that they had planned to conceive their 13-month-old son, Jason King, before his birth in May 2021.

“It didn’t work and life must go on. Leave me alone, ”concluded her statement on social media.

The “Talk Dirty” interpreter confirmed that the couple had separated in September 2021, almost four months after the birth of their first child.

“Jena and I have decided to separate”, Derulo he wrote in a since-deleted Twitter statement at the time. “She is an amazing mother, but we feel that being apart right now will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves and the best parents that we could be. Please respect our privacy. [at] this time.”

While Derulo and the model continued to raise their son, they weren’t interested in showing his face on social media as soon as he was born.

“I have been very private throughout this entire journey which has brought me a lot of peace,” Frumes wrote via Instagram Story in May 2021. “It is MY choice not to expose my baby face online. Many of you feel too entitled to express opinions that NOBODY asked for. My baby is beautiful and 100 percent healthy, but right now, my baby is new to the world. I refuse to let the negative energy of social media interfere with the energy of my family. … Until then, saving all this perfection for ourselves to enjoy.”

Since then, the now exes have shared little Jason’s face in various social media updates.

Derulo did not respond immediately. us weeklycomment request.

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