Jewish diaspora gatherings have armed guards at the gate. Queers need them too | Moshe Mordechai van Zuiden

Being naive is not always a virtue

In Israel, many Jewish places do not need security at their gates. It is mainly in public places that many gather. But, Israel collects a lot of intelligence that makes everyone, all the time, relatively safe, thank Gd.

But the LGBTQIA+ have no homeland. Now, self-defense and armed bouncers have become mandatory. Pretending doesn’t make it safe.

Especially after four years of a bigot in the White House who even encouraged the Neo-Nazi Proud Boys, the ripple effect of that will continue for years of hate-driven people not seeking therapy to re-unite with humanity.

Of course, shooting in a gay club is a hate crime just like shooting in a synagogue. Especially on the annual World Trans Day of Remembrance, which commemorates trans people who have died by murder or suicide.

Those who feel compelled to conclude that it is dangerous and undesirable to be non-straight, non-cis, let’s hear what a great rabbi said, lying in concentration camp mud when a German-Nazi soldier taunted him about the greatness of belonging. . to the Chosen People. He replied: I would rather be part of the people who are murdered than those who murder.

May the wounded and their relatives make a full recovery, physically and emotionally, may the good of those killed be with us all, and may their relatives be comforted with time when they improve.


Recently, the captains of the Dutch soccer team started wearing One Love rainbow-colored bangles during the games to show solidarity with LGBTQIA+ and all people. This was deemed necessary because almost all of the players still look like straight men, which no one believes. The football crowd seems to be very homo/cis-phobic. Only two Muslim captains refused to wear one.

At the initiative of these Dutch players, many European captains decided to wear these bands in the world championship competition in Qatar. Now they have revoked that because they feared FIFA could sanction them. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Going to these Games was already hotly contested because of human rights abuses in Qatar. On the first day, the Qatari authorities suddenly forbidden cooked kosher food and jewish prayer at the tournament. When it rains it pours.

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This is the best time to be an LGBTQIA+ activist and ally.

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