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This holiday season, select pieces that exude happiness and are aesthetically designed, with thoughts and details that matter.

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Published: Sat 17 Dec 2022 19:14

Often when it comes to Christmas decorations, whether it be ornaments or Advent calendars, we fall down the path of clichés. Think jolly Santa and serene snowflakes, and yes, while these are must-haves for the holiday season and very charming (plus, we’d never want a festive season without elves, stockings, ornaments, etc.), how do you know? think further? How do you create an aesthetic beauty that screams joy and love? Look at the smallest details and festive vibes are the answer! “I love Christmas, not just for the gifts but for all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season,” said Ashley Tisdale, American actress and singer. So bring home items that scream warm hugs, if not the warmth of the fireplace (we do live in the desert, after all).

Santa Claus, snowflakes and beyond

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“It’s not really up to us – the elves drop them (designs!) in our stores and we just deliver,” said Anita Baker, CEO of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics — MENA. LUSH’s current offering includes the Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Set, which includes six stunning bath bombs, two festive bubble bars, an energetic shower gel, a sweet little soap, a sugary and salty lip scrub, and a pot of shower gel. Anita added: “However, on a serious note, our Advent Calendar was designed to emulate and imitate the joy we feel during the festive season, so, built from 100% recycled material, we focused on bright and colorful notes. while making sure to stay on the Christmas theme, combined with stylized sketch illustrations of the products.”

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The magic of traveling and the festive atmosphere

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Newby’s 2022 Advent Calendar is inspired by travel, a luxury we’ve all missed for the past few years. “Evoking an image of cozy boutique hotels, you will be transported to Paris and the magical atmosphere of the festive season. It’s about appreciating the little things in life, taking a moment to enjoy a cup of tea and discovering the peace that each cup brings,” said Aneta Aslakhanova, Global Marketing Director of Newby Teas of London. The calendar features an exotic selection of teas neatly tucked away in 24 small drawers, all beautifully packaged and individually sealed to maintain freshness. “All of our holiday offerings are a great way to explore new tea flavors and share the holiday spirit with your loved ones,” she added.

tangible memories

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“It is very important to create products around holiday art so that people can hold on to the memories associated with the holiday season – seeing holiday art in a tangible form is not only a great way for people to express themselves in unique ways during the holidays festivities, but also reminds them of the time they spent with their loved ones,” said Haroon Tahir, chief marketing officer and co-founder of POPC, an artist-driven pop culture e-commerce platform based in the GCC region. He added that holiday art is a great way to express and celebrate these occasions with loved ones: “You tend to keep those gifts for longer than he relates to.”

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The cheerful ‘wow’ factor

“There is nothing more joyous than the festive season bringing family and friends together. Whether you’re hosting the family Christmas party at home or just having a few friends over for Christmas Eve, good Christmas decorations are a must to get into the merry spirit,” said a spokesperson for BoxFetti, an online party store that offers a curated collection. of elegant party accessories and themed celebration boxes for every type of celebration.