Kao: and Nissin agree to collaborate to use the generative model of the virtual human body

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Kao and Nissin agree to collaborate to use the generative model of the virtual human body

The goal is to provide consumers with customization of nutritional balance and portions of complete nutrition meals based on their visualized health status.

Kao Corporation (President: Yoshihiro Hasebe) and Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. (President: Noritaka Ando) have agreed to start a joint initiative that will aim to further develop Nissin’s complete nutrition meals.*one which is currently under research based on the latest food technology, using Kao’s generative model of the virtual human body*two .

The statistical model will allow a complete management of the statistics of the human body based on comprehensive estimation data on more than 1600 attributes related to health and lifestyles.

With the concept of “a meal that controls calories, salt, sugar, fat, etc., while providing all essential nutrients without sacrificing taste or appearance”, Nissin Food Products is advancing the development of complete nutrition meals by taking advantage of various nutritional aspects. studies, as well as unique and cutting-edge food processing technologies cultivated through the instant noodle business. By popularizing complete nutrition meals, Nissin Food Products’ goal is to create a world where everyone can enjoy what they want, when they want, and for as long as they want.*one . In addition, Nissin Food Products will take up the unprecedented challenge of “promoting health and extending healthy life expectancy through food” and propose a solution to the common social problem worldwide, disease prevention, through the field of food.

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Kao pursues initiatives that focus on the practical application of his statistical model, the Virtual Human Body Generative Model, which can estimate various elements related to a person’s health and life at a given time. The generative model of the virtual human body was built using Kao’s numerous studies related to the body, etc. By simply entering data for a limited number of items, data for other items is generated. It is easy to see and estimate your own health status in detail.*two .

  • *2 Kao Press Release (February 28, 2022): Kao and PFN Jointly Develop a Generative Model of the Virtual Human Body
    Kao and Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN) have developed a statistical model that covers a comprehensive set of more than 1,600 body-related attributes, such as health monitoring results, diet, exercise, sleep, personality traits, preferences, stress and menstruation, and can show the possible ways these attributes will appear.

Nissin Food Products focused on the fact that the generative model of the virtual human body can quickly estimate health measurements that would impose physical loads during the measurement process, such as blood glucose levels, from data that can be easily entered. as questionnaire items that do not cause tension. measure, or height and weight. Nissin Food Products has decided to collaborate with Kao in the belief that by using this model, consumers themselves can specifically understand the effects of complete nutrition meals on their health status.

In the future, the findings will be applied to the creation of a personalized complete nutrition meal based on the health conditions of the individual that can be defined through questionnaire questions related to food preferences, lifestyles or even important values ​​​​needed. for everyday life, but which are considered not to have a clear correlation. with food (for example, regarding skin condition, body odour, etc.).

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