Kentucky woman sends warning after terrifying encounter

A Daviess County woman is urging others to be extra vigilant after a terrifying encounter over the weekend. Reece Mayfield shared her experience on social media to warn other women. Has this happened to you?

I have only had one scary moment involving another vehicle on the road. It was hard enough that I still remember the incident after 35 years. My pup and I were driving down the road when we ran into three guys in a car directly in front of us. They passed us and then proceeded to slow down. I wasn’t sure if they were distracted so after a while when there was an opening I decided to pass them by. That’s when things got scary! He sped up and leaned out the window to make disgusting gestures. I had nowhere to go, and a car was coming straight into my lane. The boys didn’t care. I had to react quickly to avoid a head-on collision. He shook me to the core. I drove straight to the police station and gave them information about the vehicle. It was so traumatic!

Kentucky woman sends warning after terrifying encounter WBKRFM

Reece Mayfield/CANVA

Reece Mayfield/CANVA


Reece Mayfield is a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. She had no idea that all of her hopes and dreams might have come to an end over the weekend. Fortunately, her quick thought of it may have saved her life. Reece is brave in sharing her story to help someone else who may end up in the same situation. This was what happened on Friday, August 19, 2022.

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I was told that it would be a good idea to make this post so please address all the ladies out there or driving alone late at night. On Friday night around 10:30 pm, two vehicles followed me from the river bank and caught me on the 405; the main cause for concern was a maroon Chevrolet truck with broken mirrors and no license plate. It stopped suddenly after going about 55 mph and I was inches from hitting it. I thought he or a car in front of him had hit a deer or had a medical emergency of some kind. However, after a minute or two of sitting behind him (his dangers from him weren’t activated or anything), I moved closer to see if I could get around him. That’s when a silver van (unfortunately I don’t know the model or anything) passed behind me with its lights off. The truck in front moved to the middle of the road preventing me from passing while the truck kept trapping me. Honking didn’t help. After realizing the possible seriousness of the situation and how suspicious it was, I called my mom and told her about the situation. She told me to get out of there, but since the road was narrow and the truck was blocking me, I had to maneuver as fast as I could through the access road next to me.“, Reece shared

This is why it is important to avoid distractions and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. Especially when driving alone at night. Who knows how long she was being followed? Or, how long the river might have been targeted.

Reece Mayfield/CANVA

Reece Mayfield/CANVA

OMG! Spooky! I have heard several other stories from the same area. Our world has gone mad. It’s a shame that we have to be afraid to continue with our normal routines.. – allison murphy wright

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Wow, Reece. Glory to God that you are well! I bet you were in shock and yet yesterday you continued with the festivities.Jan McClary Serumgard

I saw your post from someone else who shared it. The exact same thing happened to me 15 years ago! A very scary situation. Still a bit haunts me today. I’m glad you thought fast and were able to get out safely!Carrie SimmonsOsborne

Reece Mayfield/CANVA

Reece Mayfield/CANVA


Fortunately, nothing happened from the strange event and I’m fine, but just a friendly reminder to always be prepared, especially at night and when alone. Never get out of your vehicle or roll down your window unless you absolutely know that the person coming towards you is not a cause for concern. And don’t do what I did and think it’s no big deal, call the police if you find yourself in a suspicious situation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and in today’s world, the worst is becoming more common!Reece concluded.

Reese, thanks for sharing. I am so grateful that you made it. They were definitely up to something! I know your parents had to be a nervous wreck. God had his hand on you!!!lori clementes

The incident was reported. Everyone be safe out there.mandy roberts mayfield


“Something similar to this happened to me on Friday. I was heading to McDonald’s on 54th and pulled up behind a car at the stop sign in front of Kohls. Well, all of a sudden it started to back up. I honked my horn to let them know I was behind of them and they kept backing up and stopping, backing up and stopping. I tried to back up but there was a car behind me. Finally the car behind me stopped and allowed me to back up and turn around,” Chelsie recalled

I am glad that this traumatic event had a happy ending. I’m glad Reese shared her story to help save others from a worse fate. Stay safe and always be ready to protect yourself.

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The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the account of what happened to Reece Mayfield on Friday night.

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To prepare for a possible incident, always have your veterinarian’s phone number handy, along with an after-hours clinic you can call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline that you can call at (888) 426-4435 as advice.

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