Kim Kardashian shows off a tiny frame in a form-fitting bodysuit she made from a $795 cropped T-shirt in Paris with North, 9

KIM Kardashian has shown off her petite body in a skin-tight black jumpsuit while out and about in Paris, France with her 9-year-old daughter, North.

The reality star cut up a nearly $800 Balenciaga t-shirt to make the outfit.

Kim Kardashian and North West are seen during Paris Fashion Week on July 5, 2022 in Paris, France


Kim Kardashian and North West are seen during Paris Fashion Week on July 5, 2022 in Paris, FranceCredit: Getty
Kim Kardashian cut up a nearly $800 Balenciaga shirt to make the suit skin-tight.


Kim Kardashian cut up a nearly $800 Balenciaga shirt to make the suit skin-tight.Credit: The Mega Agency

Kim was photographed in Paris on July 5 going to dinner at Ferdi Burger with her eldest son.

She hid her face in black butterfly sunglasses and her platinum blonde hair blew in the wind as she entered.

The 41-year-old held the hand of her daughter, North, who was wearing an oversized black print jacket and full black outfit, including matching sunglasses to her mother.

Kim, however, opted for a more outrageous look.

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The Hulu star got out of a car, wearing a skintight jumpsuit.

It was made of a $795 Balenciaga oversized t-shirt.

The shirt features the fictional band, the speed hunters, consisting of five men.

Speechunter Balenciaga T-shirt


Speechunter Balenciaga T-shirtCredit: Balenciaga

Although the shirt originally has the design backwards, Kim opted to wear it backwards.

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Her costume featured a corset back and had the fake tour dates placed on her butt instead of on the sleeve like the t-shirt.

Kim paired the look with black pointy heels and looked slimmer than ever.

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The mother of four and North attended Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday and went all out when it came to their outfits.

Kim wore bright green skintight leggings, with a military shirt and green heels.

He dressed North in a $10,000 jacket, along with blue sunglasses, black pants, a mini black bag, and chunky black studded boots.

The nine-year-old wore her father Kanye West’s famous varsity jacket from his Pastelle line.

The 45-year-old rapper wore the cobalt blue garment just once while performing his song Heartless at the American Music Awards in 2008.

Her departure comes after Kim was accused of “spoiling her children” following North’s scandalous demand for money.

During her recent appearance in New York, the beauty mogul shared how North says she’s “taking over Yeezy and SKIMS.”

Kim continued, “I asked him the other day…you know you have to get up early and you have to do this [and that].

“Sometimes I throw myself in there, well if you want to run SKIMS and Yeezy…”

Kim paused before adding, “Then he looked at me…and said, ‘Execute him? I just said I want the money.'”

skinny kim

Kim has looked slimmer than ever recently.

She started losing weight when she wanted to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the Met Gala.

The dress was the one Marilyn wore to sing Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John F. Kennedy.

She admitted to losing 16 pounds in three weeks just so she could use it.

However, her journey to get slimmer didn’t stop there.

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In June, the SKKN founder appeared on The TODAY Show and talked about living a “healthier” lifestyle.

After hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb discussed Kim’s dazzling ensemble at the gala, the model explained the great lengths it took to wear the form-fitting dress, including altering her curvaceous figure.

“I saw it as a role, and I really wanted to wear this dress… It was very important to me,” she exclaimed of her significant weight loss.

But the “role” seemed to be life-changing for the mother of four, as she said she continued her diet long after she left the red carpet.

“It actually taught me a lot about my lifestyle and my health, and ever since then, I’ve continued to eat very healthy. I mean, I’m down 21 pounds now,” she confessed.

Despite her drastic weight loss, Kim said she has no plans to lose more pounds, although she has a healthier outlook on her eating habits.

“I’m not trying to lose any more weight, but I have more energy than ever. I cut out so much sugar and junk food I was eating that I didn’t even realize it. Lots of fried food.” food and completely changed my lifestyle,” she concluded.


Although Kim seems pleased with her slimmer figure, her famous family is reportedly concerned about her drastic body transformation.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Kim’s family is concerned that she is losing too much weight and “barely sleeping”.

She admitted that her busy schedule of filming the family’s reality show, studying to become a lawyer, caring for her four children and her seaside romance with 28-year-old Pete Davidson has taken a toll on her.

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“Kim looks amazing, always, but she’s good at hiding how stressed she is,” a source tells The Sun.

“She is thinner than ever and hardly sleeps. Her family knows that much of this is due to her recovery from a very controlling marriage and her determination to show Kanye how much better off she is doing without him.

“But whereas before she was incredibly healthy and rested, now she’s constantly jet lagged and finding it hard to adjust to workouts. I think Kim is really struggling, but she won’t admit it.”

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However, she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In addition to her SKIMS shapewear line, the Hulu show, and other business ventures, Kim launched a skincare line called SKKN, which launched on June 21.

Kim Kardashian is seen during Paris Fashion Week with her daughter North, while having dinner


Kim Kardashian is seen during Paris Fashion Week with her daughter North, while having dinnerCredit: Getty
Kim Kardashian arrives at the Balenciaga store in Paris


Kim Kardashian arrives at the Balenciaga store in ParisCredit: The Mega Agency
Kim Kardashian and North West leaving Jean-Paul Gaultier's headquarters in Paris


Kim Kardashian and North West leaving Jean-Paul Gaultier’s headquarters in ParisCredit: The Mega Agency