‘La bohème’ opens Kentucky Opera’s 70th season in 2022

One of the most famous and romantic opera houses in the world will open the Kentucky Opera 2022-23 season this fall. Five performances of Giacomo Puccini’s “La bohème” will kick off the Kentucky Opera’s 70th anniversary season in style at The Brown Theatre, 315 W Broadway beginning Friday, September 23.

Premiered on February 1, 1896 in Turin, Italy. Classical music magazine describes “La bohème” as “as perfect as an opera can be”. It’s concise, it’s full of luscious melodies, and it’s about being young and in love.”

“La bohème,” which was last performed in Louisville in 2013, has moved audiences for more than a century with its luscious melodies and powerful narrative of family and friendship among a group of struggling artists in bohemian Paris. .

“This opera has my heart”, Kelly Kitchens, stage director of “La bohème”. “It was one of the first operas I saw when I was young and I was transfixed. I still am. It’s a truly human story where we get a wonderful slice of these young people’s lives as they struggle with money, love, illness, pain and joy.”