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CIROC celebrated the launch of the latest permanent flavor inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs – CÎROC Passion – at the CÎROC castle. This sensory experience celebrates and enhances the passion that fuels us.

With black creativities, chef richard ingrahamillustrator poppy answerfashion designer laquan smithand artist rudder bryson, guests immersed themselves in the flavors of the new CÎROC Passion as they explored areas selected by the talented members themselves. Attendees savored select cocktails while exploring the different sensory demos influenced by brand ambassadors. Each delivery gave attendees a heightened sense of smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

BET spoke with fashion designer LaQuan Smith about the “touch” installation and the inspiration behind his upcoming show at New York Fashion Week. Smith says that since “touch” is one of our earliest senses and one unprecedented in creating a sense of connection, he wanted to show guests some of these elements that inspired my designs and ignited my passion at the CÎROC château. .

Bryson Tiller, LaQuan Smith, Chef Richard Ingraham, and Karabo Poppy

BET: How was this association with CIROC born?

La Quan Smith: I am really inspired by P. Diddy and everything he has built. He has a huge influence on fashion and hip hop, so this association with CIROC is very organic. Diddy embodies black excellence. Whether it’s in fashion, culture or film, particularly in the black community, it was important to me to partner with them in this unique activation.

BET: Tell us about the inspiration behind “Touch”?

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SL: My particular activation is about “Touch”. As a designer, my initial inspiration is usually about textiles. Feeling the fabrics and materials. Sometimes it’s an illustration, but most of the time I’m in the market in Paris or Italy and I find the coolest fabrics and textiles. Then I say, ‘Okay, I know exactly how we’re going to design this collection.’ I wanted to build a room with a signature fabric of mine and show guests what it means to feel absolutely sexy and embrace the world of LaQuan Smith.

BET: New York Fashion Week is coming up, can you tell us about your new Spring ’23 collection?

SL: The heat of New York inspires me. It’s so hot; it’s ridiculous. It really makes me think about how we dress and the fabrics that hit our bodies. I’m thinking of body-hugging styles and what’s breathable in the heat, along with fluidity of fabrications. It makes me think of textiles, and again of “touch” and feel. Our skin is very sensitive and soft, and women want to feel and look sexy at any age or size. Therefore, the Spring collection will encompass fluidity of fabrication and rich, bold colors.

BET: Who is the LaQuan Smith Woman?

SL: The LaQuan Smith woman is the center of attention! She is the epitome of modern, feminine and glamorous. She is a woman empowered by her environment and very much in tune with herself. She loves showing off her curves. My brand is all about celebrating the sensual aspect of the female form. I’ve realized that not everyone may be comfortable with their own bodies, but for women who are, I’m the designer for you. I am the designer for women who want to glam up, dress up, go out and have a good night on the town.

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BET: For her latest show, Julia Fox walked the runway. Will you have any celebrities strutting this season?

SL: You’ll have to be at the show to find out!

This interview has been edited and summarized for clarity.