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Former NFL player Tim Tebow spoke in Billings earlier this month to help raise money for LaVie, a self-styled crisis center for families experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Faith Chapel provided the stage where LaVie CEO Cindy Nordstog announced plans to consolidate the organization’s two clinics into one downtown Billings location.

The move comes as the lease on his Heights building, owned by St. Vincent Healthcare, is about to expire. There is also a LaVie clinic on Broadwater Avenue that has been occupied by the organization since the 1990s.

“At most we can see two patients at a time (at the Broadwater site), and we spend an hour with each patient,” Nordstog said, adding that between administrators, nurses, doctors and patients, having a bathroom alone presents a substantial problem. challenge.

Space limitations also limit the number of volunteers the organization can accept.

Although the original plan was never to merge the clinics, current property and construction material costs pushed Nordstog to consider a centralized location.

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lavie's movement

LaVie is relocating the maternal health clinic to a location at 2501 4th Avenue North.

LARRY MAYER, Billings Newsletter

The new site, located at 2501 4th Avenue North, is closer to community partners and is just a few blocks from the bus station.

“People will travel for free and low-cost services,” Nordstog said. “Transportation is a big challenge (at the Heights clinic).”

Nordstog works closely with community partners including RiverStone Health, Child Protection Services and the Rimrock Foundation, which works to provide immediate addiction treatment services for pregnant women. LaVie doctors also provide referrals to specialists at St. Vincent’s and Billings Clinic.

The organization provides free and low-cost services during the early stages of unplanned pregnancies, classes and tutoring for expectant parents, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and physical exams.

Nordstog has had four years to prepare for the move, which has allowed the organization to set aside money for when it lands on a new property. When they finally closed the hub site on November 30, 2021, Nordstog was able to pay cash.

The completed sale of the Broadwater building on December 16, 2021 also helped bolster funding for the new site. For now, LaVie is leasing the Broadwater site until the center building is suitable for patient care.

lavie's movement

LaVie CEO Cindy Nordstog shows off a room full of baby supplies as she talks about moving the maternal health clinic to a location at 2501 4th Avenue North.

LARRY MAYER, Billings Newsletter

After the purchase, Nordstog applied for a grant through the Gianforte Family Foundation, which provided $500,000 for future renovations.

In the Tebow event, 1,800 seats were wagered, generating around $100,000.

Other funding sources include private donors and support from religious organizations.

The building, built in 1968, needs “big-money repairs,” Nordstog said along with updates to make the space adequate for both clinical services and administrative space.

Over time, Nordstog hopes to hire a counselor and case manager to provide free services to families. She also plans to expand tutoring programs, particularly for parents, and improve educational services.

With the new site, Nordstog said LaVie will be able to better serve and interact with her patients who come from different walks of life.

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