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Wild animal attacks: Department of Wildlife issues advisory, calls on people not to allow children and the elderly to move in alone

post by sophie jahangir on Sunday, September 25, 2022

Srinagar, September 24: In the wake of recent animal attacks, officials from the Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Department issued a notice urging residents living near forests or grassy areas not to allow their children or the elderly to move in alone. .
The advisory, issued by Wildlife Warden North Division Sopore,
says that children and women are more vulnerable to attacks by leopards and bears, which can be contained if they move in groups or children are accompanied by an older person and always circulate on regular paths in the forest and avoid shortcuts.
“Avoid going into the woods to collect wood etc. early in the morning or in the evening, which is the busiest time for leopards. Do not chase or attempt to approach a wild animal if you see it from afar in forest areas,” the notice says.
Detailing the steps taken by the Wildlife Department, Rashid Yahya Naqash, the Kashmir Regional Wildlife Warden, told Rising Kashmir that the department has stepped up its awareness campaign. “Through our awareness campaign we are urging people who live near pastures or forests to accompany their children and older relatives, especially in the morning and afternoon hours.
“In areas where there have been recent animal attacks in North Kashmir, we have deployed around 50 officers, in addition, across the valley, 22 control rooms have been set up which will remain operational 24/7. week.
Whenever we receive an SOS call about the presence of a wild animal in any area, we will try to restrain the animal and then follow the rehabilitation procedure,” he said.
The warden also stated that instead of trapping or crating wild animals in forest areas, it is preferable that people take preventive measures, so they are conducting awareness campaigns at various levels.
“We are going to step up the ongoing door-to-door campaigns and we are also raising awareness through local mosques and panchayats, making people aware of animal attacks and measures to prevent wild animals from attacking them,” Naqash said.
The official further added that they have been issuing notices in general, especially for inhabitants living near forest or grassland areas.
“In addition, we have also been advising people to keep the backyards of their houses clear of bushes and to make proper lighting arrangements around the houses,” said Naqash.
While authorities have set up emergency control rooms, the human-animal conflict in Uri, northern Kashmir, has claimed the lives of five children since June this year.
Earlier, on September 11 this month, the Srinagar police advised residents to take precautions and stay indoors after a wild bear and her cub were seen roaming the city and also attacked and injured a school guard. in the Lal Mandi area of ​​Srinagar.
After a 21-hour-long operation, the black bear and her cub who had strayed to the villages in the upper reaches of Srinagar were captured by wildlife men, saying they would be released in Dachigam National Park.

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