Let Newberg’s bigotry be a warning to Oregon

In September 2021, the Newberg School Board voted to remove all rainbow and Black Lives Matter banners under the guise that these symbols were “divisive.” An uproar ensued, and the board then amended the language to all “political” symbols, with tongue-in-cheek exceptions for the flags of the United States and Oregon (the US flag is inherently a political symbol). This became national news, but has since dropped off the radar.

It shouldn’t. The consequences of that horrible decision are still settling in.

Since that September, three board members who support marginalized children have resigned, citing harassment and a toxic environment. The most recent occurred a couple of weeks ago, on June 27.

Honestly, I don’t blame them. When people yell “hairdresser” at you enough and send you threatening messages, it gets old quickly. I know. But I hope you will continue to advocate for marginalized communities because we need you. The children need them.