LGBTQ voices emerge at Vatican Synod on Synodality

The “Chain of Discipleship” image showed five Catholics celebrating in a church, including a woman in priestly vestments and a person in a rainbow-lettered “pride” T-shirt who shouted, “We are the youth of the future and the future is now!”

This art from the Philadelphia Catholic Synod of Higher Education shook Catholic social media, especially when it appeared on the Facebook page of the Synod of Bishops, linked to the ongoing Synod on Synodality that began in 2021.

Catholics at the local, regional and national levels are sending information to the Vatican about the future of the church. A North Carolina parish presented the testimony of “Matthew (not his real name),” who had been recognized as the most popular teacher in his Catholic high school. While he “hid his homosexuality from him”, he married “his partner from him elsewhere”.