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happy june honey Pound. In the end of MayYou did go through some minor stresses and conflicts in your love life, though things probably smoothed out with the help of your ruling planet, Venus. when messenger Mercury ends its retrograde and goes direct in Taurus in Friday, June 3You will be able to talk about any lingering resentments.

The next day, in Saturday, June 4Disciplinary, Saturn turns retrograde in rebellious Aquarius. This retrograde, which lasts for about four and a half months, is not something to sweat about, like when Mercury does her dance backwards. Rather, it is an opportunity to check your limits. For you, Libra, this may mean delving into your politics and philosophy. As a sign of balance and justice, you despise conflict. However, as a result, you sometimes avoid having an opinion. So if you’re not sure where you stand on a specific issue, whether it’s a political issue or a type of art, take some time to do your research. Then the next time the topic comes up, you can keep your limits staying true to their beliefs.

When Mercury, the planet of communications, enters its home sign, Gemini, the Monday, June 13Conversations are likely to wane in your love life, Libra. As a sign of relationships, with romantic venus As your ruling planet, you do well in relationships. But you’re also a flirt magnet and may be hesitant to commit. So whether this transit sees you go “official” or wrap up a summer fling, be prepared to be honest about your feelings.

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If you can, spend the next day, Tuesday, June 14, the full moon in the hot Sagittarius, with your friends. After your relationship talks, you’re likely to have a lot of gossip, whether you’re flashing a ring on your finger or gleefully re-downloading tinder. Full moons can be dramatic anyway, so it’s best to spend them with best friends you trust.

Tuesday, June 21, brings the beginning of cancer season. It is also the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and a great magical excuse to wear flowers in your hair and dance in the open air. Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac and is associated with the family. Everyone will feel called to spend more time with their loved ones during this time, but you, Libra, will experience a particular joy at home. Look forward to throwing the best party of the summer, moving into an exciting new home, or moving in with a roommate.

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But back to talking about sex, Libra. When your ruling planet, loving Venus, enters lovely Gemini on Wednesday, June 22, expect sparks to fly in the bedroom. Whether it’s with a fun casual partner, the love of your life, or your favourite. sex toy, your only responsibility is to enjoy every second. When a New Moonrepresenting new beginnings, takes place in Cancer care in Tuesday, June 28you feel fulfilled both sexually and emotionally in the bedroom.

Also in Tuesday, June 28, creative planet Neptune turns retrograde in her birth sign of sensitive Pisces. Don’t worry about the negative consequences of this retrograde; Neptune dances backwards for about half the year. You can expect the sparks to keep flying in the bedroom. The next six months are going to be epic for your love and sex life, Libra. On that note, see you next month.

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