Man finds Bobcat and his ‘dangerous kittens’ living in his backyard hot tub

A man has been unable to use his backyard after a “cute” family of bobcats moved in, and a mother chose the spot to have her three kittens.

Anne Wheaton shared snaps of the adorable trio on Twitter, revealing that the carnivores had moved into a relative’s garden.

She wrote: “My daughter-in-law’s father lives in Arizona and a bobcat has been hanging out in his backyard so he hasn’t returned there.

“Turns out it was so peaceful for her to have her babies there and now the whole family has taken over her garden and oh my gosh look how cute they are!”

Wheaton posted a snapshot of the newcomers on Wednesday, which racked up more than 80,000 likes.

In response to the interest in the animals, the mother shared updates online.

She wrote: “First, their backyard wall is next to a wash, which basically goes out into the wilderness of the local desert and mountains. Bobcat, deer, coyote and javelin are everywhere.

“The female bobcat jumped the brick wall into her backyard from the wash. It’s very common in this part of Arizona, so everyone knows to keep pets inside and make noise if they go out at night to scare off the wild animals if they are nearby. by (no one wants their loved ones to be a meal).

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“Mom, bobcat, made a den out of her broken hot tub and a couple of weeks ago, and then she had her babies!

“Dangerous little kitties are SO CUTE. Here they are, looking through the sliding glass door in the back, watching their little dog in the house. (Dog does NOT go to the backyard while they’re there. Takes him out to the front with a strap and keeps it very close to him.)

“People have asked if he’s feeding them. Absolutely not! That’s dangerous for him and the bobcats. He already had a tub of water, so they’re drinking from it, and that’s it. her yard. Look at that sploot loot!

“Sometimes mommy takes a little break from the babies and sleeps outside their makeshift hot tub lair, but otherwise she stays close and will do so until they’re big enough to climb the wall and join her in the bathroom.” “.

As she clarified, “And in case it’s not clear from these photos, they’re all taken through multiple glass windows/doors. No, he doesn’t go near them or try to pet them, as adorable as they are.” “. “

Added Wheaton: “They’re wild, not domestic. Cute as hell but no human interaction. That would be dangerous for the animals and for him.”

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And for anyone unfamiliar with “the wash,” he explained that it is “like a kind of flood drainage area. There is no water all year round, but it will look like a river when it rains a lot.”

Numerous people praised the man for allowing the mother to raise her pups in her backyard, as Cc wrote: “Glad he lets them do their thing until they’re ready to travel. We need more of this kindness.”

Nancy Waller commented, “They are so cute. They are still wild animals and should be treated that way. Thanks for sharing the photos. They look like they have a good mom. I bet it’s fun to watch them grow up.”

Kathryn Orr thought, Mommy Bobcat just found a safe place to keep her kittens.

Sandieinthecity.eth wrote: “Good for you… But that’s not your backyard anymore. Those beauties are your property and you lost it over the summer. I’d love to see them in my backyard all summer. How lucky.”

“I think it’s so unfair that dangerous animals look so cute,” @sassybibrarian mused.

Though Joseph E Cappadonia advised, “I need to call the game commission, Bobcat is a wild animal and shouldn’t live there. Bad for cats as well as humans.”

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Bobcats are common in the Grand Canyon State, as the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) said: “Bobcats are usually seen alone, but groups can consist of mating pairs, siblings, or mothers with kittens. “.

The site said residents can “enjoy a bobcat or a family of bobcats sharing their garden,” but warned that pets and livestock should not mix with cats.

They added: “Bobcats rarely attack people, and most human attacks have been linked to rabies. Bobcats are more likely to be attracted to your yard because it has abundant wildlife, domestic birds, pets small, water and shade or other shelter. .

“Feeding bobcats, whether intentionally or inadvertently, can encourage them to become too comfortable around humans, which can lead to conflict.”

They said loud noises or a spray from a hose can scare off a bobcat, but warned: “Check the area for kittens and if there are kittens, consider tolerating them for a few weeks until they are big enough to leave the area.” “. with her mother”.

news week contacted Wheaton for comment.

File photo of a bobcat.
File photo of a bobcat. An Arizona man has been unable to use his backyard after a bobcat and his kitten moved in.
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