Margaret Umezurike goes home in a blaze of glory

For Enrique Umahi

That It was thanks to people like Mrs. Margaret Umezurike that Shakespeare wrote: “When beggars die, comets are not seen; the heavens themselves glow with the death of princes.”

The shock of his death sent waves of sadness through every heart and moving tributes have poured in to Mrs. Nome Margaret Augustine Umezurike (Ada Ugbo) na Ikenegwu Kingdom, who recently joined the Saints at the age of 74. Her glorious life will be celebrated. between 5 and 7 January 2023, at late Chief Umezurike’s compound in Uburu, Ohaozara Local Government Area of ​​Ebonyi State.

Ada Ugbo’s life was like a song worth singing. She came, she saw and she conquered. Show me a good woman and I’ll show you Ada Ugbo na Ikenegwu Kingdom.

Its amazing story began on May 20, 1947. On that day, an angel literally came from heaven and visited the late Osuji Okoro Nwaobasi and the late Mrs. Una Nweñasi Okoro Obasi of Umu-Ogbuna Amenu Uburu in present-day Ohaozara LGA, Ebonyi State.

Although he was born on the day of the total solar eclipse when the sun went down for a few hours, he shone brightly throughout his life.

She was a woman with a brave but beautiful heart, from a very humble background. Though she was not born into wealth, yet He was always finding ways to offer so much to others.

From her, one could learn that you don’t have to be rich to be kind, compassionate, and helpful to the people around you. She had a faithful Christian heart with the boldness to stand tall among equals.

She was a capable assistant to her mother until she married. Her fervent wish in life was to acquire a Western education and a trade (sewing), but it was not realized due to certain domestic obstacles around 1960.

Mom was a good singer, she had a sweet voice that stood out every time she sang. She was also a great dancer.

To prove what a good dancer she was, she enlisted as a member of Amenu’s all-time Noble Dance Troupe, who entertained audiences during the Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Aju festivals.

According to his son, Eng. Njoku Umezurike (Obataobie), “the angels must be dancing because of his presence in their midst. There is no doubt that heaven has welcomed a saint.

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Madame Margaret’s resistance to life’s challenges was extraordinary. When life failed to release the opportunity for her to achieve her desired goals, her inner strength and manifested obstinacy. She managed to partly follow her passion for Western education and intellectual emancipation when she single-handedly sent her younger brother, Ogbonnaya Okoro Obasi, to primary school in 1965. She said, “If I can’t go to school, then my brother should do it.”

However, in his quest to acquire some form of education, he joined the Presbyterian Church Choir where his choirmaster, from Cross River State, taught him elementary studies such as writing and identifying alphabets, musical signs, and symbolism. Thereafter, she was able to acquire what later translated into unique skills in native nursing and midwifery, as well as tailoring. And today, all of her children are laureates in education.

Young Margaret married Chief Umezurike Augustine Chukwu, a man of strong character, who regarded the truth as the only option even at his peril, a man of nobility and high reputation, an astute believer in fairness and justice, whose quotes and ideological position continue to be presented to date, in different forums to settle and reconcile controversies. They married and were blessed with seven children.

As an energetic young woman, she worked hard to support the home front. She was an embodiment of talents, always enthusiastic to face any challenge head on with courage. Her self-confidence set her apart from others and made her a collaborator in all human spheres within her locality.

He was never short of ideas about life situations. Her super abilities turned her into a backbone of support to her husband’s efforts in raising their children. Her mom’s elegance and taste were evident in her elegant outfits and her items for her children. She she was in fact an epitome of the biblical woman of Proverbs 31.

Madame Margaret was witty and creative even in the kitchen. She literally produced with her own hands everything that her children and those around her ate. She formulated new recipes to accommodate all kinds of foods so that her children would have nutrient-dense meals at all times. She fed many people and gave her roof to those who were in misery, she put a cloth on the back of many who did not have.

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Those born and raised in that area know what the June and July famine meant for farmers. But not with mom, because when other farmers could have withdrawn their profits (both money and crops) to the farmland, mom in her intelligence and wisdom, never allowed her children and others around her to go hungry. Her enthusiastic and optimistic nature made she considers her backyard as fertile land where he grew food to calm the wrath of “unwu julio”.

Uburu, Lagos People’s Assembly President Mazi Francis Ekwe said: “Mum was special in many ways. She had a Midas touch; everything she touched turned to gold. She had the heart of an angel. Nothing was too much for her to give to her neighbor. She was our own Mother Teresa. “Interestingly, her children inherited her good nature. For example, her son, Ing. Njoku, is known for doing good. He is a master at making people happy, like his mother.

“Mom’s death is a big blow to everyone. Those who did not have the opportunity to meet her may not understand what I am saying. The only consolation is that she has gone to a better place where there is no pain and no gnashing of teeth. But on that day when the beautiful blue sky opens up to reveal heaven, we will come together, never to be apart.”

Evangelist Chimezie Obasi said a huge void has been created with her passing. He said: “No one can take her place. She was a Mother in Israel. She considered and treated all children as her own. She scolds when necessary and encourages all the time. She served God with all her heart”.

Mr. David Uka recognized that she was a fearless lioness, but humble to a fault. He said: “She had the rare ability to solve problems no matter how gigantic they were. I think a book should be written about it so that younger women and men can study it and add value to society.

She was a priceless jewel to her husband, family, and community. Your beloved husband used to praise your high heavens.”

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For Ing. Njoku, his mother lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation. Take this from Njoku: “She was full of strength, confidence and determination to be great.

A multi-talented woman, a brilliant mother with a strong sense of duty in the service of humanity. For many, mom was a midwife who helped locals within her sphere of contact deliver their babies.

“She was also a kind of native surgeon dealing with boils and carbuncles of any size that affected people, regardless of size or position. He also helped a lot of people to get dressed No wonder people referring to her always made this comment: “just go to Ogbo-Nome or Mama Njoku Ago (as she was affectionately called) and your illnesses will be treated.”

Mom was a woman of many talents, she was a self-taught tailor, the men in our beloved family can attest to her profound skill.

“Mom was her husband’s an accountant, so she was to many in Agugwu and elsewhere. She saved money for everyone, especially the people who came back to town during the festivities.

“Many of them deposited their money with her to prevent it from being wasted. everyone your funds in the spirit of the holidays. Her attention to detail was amazing, as her mom not only kept the money for these people, but she also documented all the necessary details and kept an inventory with each account holder. When returning them, she would give the exact note that was paid to her. This meant that her integrity was beyond doubt. She did all of this at no cost or fee.

“He had an extraordinary retentive memory. He remembered events and dates in an amazing way. She had a charming character and a good sense of humor. Mom was also a great leader. She led and belonged to many organizations. Her optimism until her last breath is an encouragement for those who travel this path called life ”.

Henry’s Umahi, popularly known as Arch Pope, said: “We need to honor your spirit of duty and sincerity. We must turn mourning into a legacy. He had an undying devotion to making his surroundings a more beautiful place. She was an extraordinary person.”