Mastriano’s campaign is plagued by economic concerns

As the election approaches, the campaign has apparently sought to create a little more structure. He recently shared contact information with supporters of six regional directors or director teams in charge from different parts of the state, though few appear to have much political experience.

While Mastriano’s events have started to get bigger (he recently held a rally in Pittsburgh with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and has another planned with Donald Trump in Wilkes-Barre), the small meet and greets tend to be affordable. . The Pennsburg event was held at Jurin Roofing Services, which the campaign says is also his new regional campaign office. The owner, a campaign staffer noted, is allowing the campaign to use the facilities for free. He also donated $2,000, which the campaign inflated in a massive ceremonial check.

Beishl, a Bucks County organizer and conservative radio talk show host, is one of the few regional directors who has worked on campaigns in the past.

During the speech at the Pennsburg event in which he acknowledged Mastriano’s financial handicap, he stressed that relatively moderate voters in populous Philadelphia suburbs “are going to be the key to us winning this election.”

“Get your friends to volunteer, knock on doors and work at the polls,” he said.

After the event, Beishl declined to comment on the financial health or structure of the campaign, saying all journalists must first email a campaign press account and be screened before staff speak to them. . An email to the account went unanswered.

That has been a constant throughout the campaign. Mastriano has kept his media appearances almost exclusively on right-wing television and radio shows. As with all Mastriano events, the press showing up in Pennsburg was confined to a pen away from supporters and out of reach of speeches. Campaign staff did not notice or stop the WHYY reporter who watched the event from the crowd.

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Much of Mastriano’s speech lingered on social issues. She has repeatedly told her followers that she thinks she is a feminist because of her work to ban transgender women and girls from competing in sports with cisgender women. It is an increasingly common topic of conversation among the right wing of the Republican Party, although it’s strange for trans women and girls to compete in organized sports, and Pennsylvania Republicans have said they have I have no idea how many transgender athletes there are in the community..

He mocked former state health secretary Rachel Levine, who is transgender, and the crowd joined him.

He also repeatedly mentioned his opposition to school closures, vaccine and mask mandates, and the teaching of critical race theory: an academic framework primarily limited to higher education examining the impact structural racism has had on American institutions.

Some of the biggest applause came when Mastriano spoke about his plans for the southern border of the United States.

“We can’t afford to have illegals in Pennsylvania,” he said, before adding that the Biden administration is bringing “ghost flights” full of undocumented immigrants to Pennsylvania, another fairly common right-wing talking point that sensationalizes a routine part of the United States immigration system.

The crowd in Montgomery County was uniformly enthusiastic. But among supporters, it was clear that some worried that Mastriano would raise enough money to win over swing voters who still disagree.

Waiting in the roofing company parking lot before Mastriano’s speech, a man struck up a conversation with a campaign volunteer about strategy. He wanted to know if these kinds of little meet-and-greets were the campaign’s main plan to compete with the well-funded Shapiro.

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“You know, there are less than 90 days,” he said. “What else is being done to get people out?”

The clerk did not answer that question. The big problem, he said, is electoral fraud. No matter what kind of campaign Mastriano runs, she doesn’t think the results are reliable anyway.