Matt Gaetz mocked calling the Roe v. Wade ‘over-educated’ women

florida congressman matt gaetz is receiving backlash after a tweet in which he referred to some women as “over educated” and “unloved.”

Taking to social media early Wednesday morning, the Republican representative posted a message on Twitter in which he criticized women speaking out the overturning of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

“How many of the women demonstrating against the ouster of Roe are overeducated, unloved millennials returning sadly from their protests to a lonely microwaved dinner with their cats and no matches?” Gaetz posted.

Its publication comes after a draft opinion of the Supreme Court leaked Monday night showing that the highest court in the land can revoke the historic decision who legalized abortion. After the leak, many on both sides of the aisle spoke up. Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed Tuesday that the document was authentic but that it was not the court’s final decision. He too ordered an investigation on the run

Representative Matt Gaetz
Matt Gaetz has been the target of ridicule on social media after criticizing those who spoke out about the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade. In the photo, Gaetz campaigns for JD Vance in Newark, Ohio on April 30, 2022.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Rick G. Ronser, former writer for jimmy kimmelresponded to Gaetz by saying that the Florida congressman was calling the very people he was elected to represent.

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“They are among your constituents, people you are supposed to represent and protect, you disgusting troll.” Rosner posted.

One of Gaetz’s colleagues at Congressdemocrat representative ted’s placeused the Florida congressman’s tweet to rally people in support democrats.

republicans like Matt Gaetz are for government-mandated pregnancy, against education, and against cats. He can help campaigns to decide whether or not he’s in the majority this November (assuming he’s not indicted by the Justice Department investigating him for sex crimes).” wrote the place

Author James Felton hit back at Gaetz for the argument he used against those calling for the Supreme Court will not annul abortion.

“A rare use of the ‘my opponents are very smart’ line of attack”, wrote Felton.

Actor Michael Kackean I affirm that “Matt Gaetz LOVES the undereducated.”

Jennifer Bendery, HuffPost Senior Policy Writer, he pointed that “this is the congressman who is under federal investigation for having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paying a woman to cross state lines to have sex, which violates sex trafficking laws.”

Jenn Morson, freelance writer for the New York Timescriticized Gaetz for invoking a dating app in his review.

‘What dating app do you use? I guess Bumble’s terms of service may be too age-sensitive for his liking.” she wrote.

Katie S. Phang, host of “The Katie Phang Show” on msnbc and Peacock TV, also criticized the congresswoman responding, “your kind of woman unites behind Venmo payments.”

news week contacted Gaetz’s office for comment.