Burn Boot Camp Executive Team Restructuring Prepares for global expansion with 10,000 gyms

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Fitness Franchise boot camp to burn is proud to announce the appointment of co-founder morgan klin to CEO, strengthening the brand’s outlook in the fitness industry. While other gyms focus on aesthetics, Burn Boot Camp has always taken a different approach by placing an emphasis on improving confidence and performance through community-based fitness. With this recent appointment of its first CEO, Burn Boot Camp is poised to achieve its goal of expanding to 10,000 locations worldwide while staying true to its philosophy of empowering women.

morgan kline The first mission will be to continue establishing Burn Boot Camp’s competitive positioning, expanding the reach of its value offering for women, and accelerating overall strategic growth.

“Nothing is more empowering than having confidence in yourself. Being proud of the woman you see in the mirror every morning is a feat many strive for but few experience,” he shares. morgan klin, CEO of Burn Boot Camp. “From inception, Burn Boot Camp entered the market as a women-focused boutique gym franchise created for her and her family. As we celebrate our gym’s 10-year anniversary this year, I am incredibly inspired and motivated to embark on this next chapter of the Burn’s legacy serving as its CEO, with our ‘Burn Nation’ dedicated to giving women the confidence they deserve in a world that is so connected to social media and unrealistic body image messages.”

Former CEO, Devan Klinwill assume a new role of Visionary in which he will have a sharp focus on the strategic architecture of the next evolution of Burn Boot Camp’s creative business efforts, nurturing key relationships and working closely with the gym’s franchise partners to realize their potential collective.

Natural integrator of all business functions, morgan klin he previously worked as an analyst at the Kellogg Company and served as chief financial officer for Burn Boot Camp, followed by chief operating officer. His tenure in this experience has given him a successful foundation as CEO, allowing him to seamlessly integrate all business components and deliver a more significant and effective impact across all locations and the community they serve.

Regarding the restructuring of the leadership, Devan Klin shares, “I always felt Morgan would be the natural CEO for long-term growth before she even considered it. The groundwork as CEO was done. Morgan’s eclectic energy and sales and marketing prowess in the fitness world they bring next-level sophistication to our operation, motivated to drive new growth and develop new opportunities for franchise partners.”

You will continue to drive the Burn Boot Camp business as a visionary, where you will focus on envisioning future initiatives, building and maintaining key relationships with franchise partners and team members, and solving complex problems to further drive Burn Boot Camp awareness. His work begins with a master franchise program and an aggressive national growth strategy, along with a new world of products and services to bring into the Burn Boot Camp ecosystem.

The power duo is a testament and best-in-class example of how equality of effort, mutual respect, and collaboration have proven that working together, in sync, can lead to a successful gym franchise. They have worked side by side for the past 10 years building Burn Boot Camp into a thriving community and will continue to lead Burn Boot Camp together to further the vision and growth of the brand.

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About Burn Boot Camp
Founded in 2012 by a husband and wife duo Devan and Morgan Klin, Burn Boot Camp is a national fitness concept where like-minded women and men can come together, build confidence and inspire each other through fitness. The National Franchise began as a women-focused boutique fitness franchise with a mission and passion to empower communities. Recently, Burn Boot Camp has cultivated a following of both women and men, providing an opportunity for families to exercise together while taking advantage of Childwatch services provided exclusively to members. Burn Boot Camp offers 45-minute boot camps through highly innovative daily programming crafted by certified personal trainers. For more information visit

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