Meet Your Favorite Emily In Paris Female Characters

emily in paris takes us from the city of jazz in Chicago to the city of lights and love in Paris from the point of view of a 29-year-old marketing executive, Emily Cooper, as she transitions to a new job. What makes the series interesting is the different female characters that play a big role in shaping what goes on around Cooper.

emily in paris launched its long-awaited season 3 on Netflix on December 21 and audiences saw another tough decision from Emily Cooper choosing between Sylvie Grateau and Madeline Wheeler. Her former boss and her current boss hold important places in her heart and she has to decide whether to stay with Savoir or work for Sylvie’s company Agence Grateau, Season 3 focuses on how things unfold due to to this. Season 3 of the show broadens the focus from her to the characters surrounding Emily Cooper and gives us a glimpse into the lives of her friends and colleagues.

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Emily in Paris female characters

The show’s star, Emily Cooper, is a talented marketing executive who is friendly, warm, and helpful. She decides to replace her boss Madeline Wheeler when she becomes pregnant and moves to Paris, knowing that she will be completely different to her American lifestyle. She is risk-taking and compassionate and at the same time confusing. Although she sometimes feels overwhelmed, she never gives up and doesn’t let it affect her work. Emily Cooper brings to the show the point of view of a young American who makes mistakes and doesn’t feel guilty about it.

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Emily Cooper’s desire not to hurt anyone often drives her decision-making abilities and she tends to suppress her own desires because of it. However, to realize for her own good, she has a very good friend in Mindy Chen, who previously lived in Shanghai and later moved to Paris to work. An aspiring singer, Chen offers an unbiased perspective on American and French culture, having seen both worlds draw Emily to her in the new town. Chen had a difficult past and managed in Paris almost alone. The series explores how she bravely faces the various challenges her life throws at her as she keeps her dream of being a singer alive in the form of her band.

Another friend Cooper made in Paris was Camille. The rich, fashionable and successful heiress, who she is kind to but is also heavily manipulated by her mother. Her friendship, which she started on the right foot, with Emily Cooper becomes Complicated when Cooper kisses Gabriel, the handsome chef downstairs who happens to be Camille’s boyfriend. He keeps their relationship a secret, but when the truth is revealed, Camille’s jealous and manipulative side comes out. Camille is kind but her mistrust of her friend and boyfriend affects her decisions, making her seem like the villain of the story. Her point of view gives off the vibe of a villain with a troubled past who you can’t blame for her mistakes because she didn’t choose to be the villain, her situations made her.

Cooper’s bosses, Madeline Wheeler and Sylvie Grateau, are quite the opposite of each other. Both bosses are in complete control of their lives, but their work tactics are different. While Sylvie is reserved and tough, Madeline is calm and cheerful. However, when it comes to work, neither of them is willing to compromise.

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Grateau is sophisticated and luxurious and exudes the essence of a true Frenchman. Savoir owes much of his success to his efforts and skills. He is independent, practical and daring in his personal and professional life and does not owe anyone an explanation. He is confident in his skills and talent and that is what makes Agence Grateau a tough match for Savoir. In short, she is the boss that every woman is somewhere in her heart, but not all of them can make it without apologies.

Madeline Wheeler is another successful and independent woman who represents the American perspective in the series. She is cheerful and cares about her employees, but she also knows how to get her way with them. Her authority and her confidence lie in her connection and communication skills. Unlike Grateau, she is not single, she has a family that she cares about and that is where her strength comes from. While Grateau is the bogeyman of the series, Madeline is the cinnamon roll that could kill you.