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One of the Duchess’s favorite European cities was Paris. She shared her favorite “hidden gems” on her blog. Meghan wrote: “Oh how I love the city of lights. Yes, everything from cinematic shots of the Eiffel Tower to long walks along the Seine River, from Before Dawn to Jean-Luc Godard’s Amelie and Breathless, has been idealized in our minds.

“The food, the accent, the je ne sais quoi of the women with their inherent elegance: I sigh a petit peu just writing this.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s friend, Elettra Wiedemann, the American food editor and model, shared her top tips about Paris with Meghan.

Meghan wrote: “Tig Insider Guides are something I am very protective of: they are the source of information for a treasured journey; They’re full of hidden gems, from friends whose tastes I have complete confidence in, and reflect The Tig’s love of unearthing off-the-beaten-track excitement you won’t find flipping through a guidebook.”

Elegant as ever, Meghan recommended two beautiful hotels in Paris, one of which she described as a ‘home away from home’.

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Meghan wasn’t the only celeb to love L’Hotel in St Germain, as the charming hotel was also Oscar Wilde’s last home.

She wrote: “Its charming size, incredible staff and very French décor make you feel like you are in your home away from home – that is, if your home is absolutely stunning and draped in gorgeous velvets and Parisian tiles.”

Meghan also loved the hotel’s private hammam, where guests can enjoy the underground pool, steam room, and treatment suite.

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But the Duchess also offered a budget hotel suggestion, for tourists who don’t have the money to splurge on L’Hotel.

The Hotel Grandes Ecoles is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and Meghan described it as “cheap”.

She wrote: “I remember them making a delicious free breakfast in the little garden. The hotel rooms are cute and clean, but basic.

“7eme is also the university district so lots of fun bars and restaurants!”

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Paris is one of the world’s top tourist destinations and travelers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning an itinerary.

Meghan recommended tourists head to the Marais, saying: “Take a nice walk through the Marais starting on my favorite street, Rue de Rosier.

“You can start here and lose yourself in the absolutely charming old streets, lined with shops, cafes and restaurants.”

Le Marais is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris and is packed with LGBTQ+ boutiques, galleries and bars.

The neighborhood was also once the city’s Jewish Quarter and is still home to some of the best kosher restaurants in the city.

Meghan also advised tourists to head to Versailles, saying: “One thing you must do is Versailles.

“Skip the Palace if it’s crazy and go see Marie Antoinette’s ‘country house’ on the opposite side of the property.

“It’s so amazing and lovely, you can still feel it there, it really comes alive! Bring a picnic and have lunch in the Versailles gardens!”

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