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[Source: D.CAMP]

[Source: D.CAMP]

Tailor Town, an e-commerce startup and operator of menswear app Danble, won first prize at D.Day, a monthly startup competition co-hosted by nonprofit startup incubator foundation D.CAMP and capitals select venture capitals in South Korea.

The June competition, held as part of academic and industry cooperation with Yonsei University, Sogang University, Sungkyunkwan University, KAIST, POSTECH, Ewha Womans University, Hanyang University and Korea University, focused on very young startups with promising business ideas. The six companies that advanced to the final were barely a year old.

D.CAMP has been working with universities to establish business training courses and support university startup clubs since its official launch in 2013. It is operated by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs invested by 19 local financial institutions.

Tailor Town, which won the D.CAMP Dream Award last month, runs a fashion trading platform, Danble, for men in their 30s and 50s. The app proposes coordinated styles made up of up to 12 fashion garments according to the user’s situation. Danble gained fame for its high 70 percent buyback rate just a few months after it launched in January. The company aims to expand its service to men’s verticals, including golf fashion, accessories and beauty products.

Means, which won the Campus Adventure Award, operates PROPS, a web service that transparently discloses real estate data. The application allows users to understand everything related to the properties at stake, from the market price to the ownership structure of the property with a simple input of the address of their target property. This helps reduce the hassle of manually checking the building register and ledger. It is also possible to prevent financial fraud by checking the security level of real estate products in advance.

The Audience Award went to IPIN LABS, which develops deep learning-based indoor location tracking software. It applies inertial measurement sensor technology to enable indoor location tracking at a distance of less than 50cm. This is precise enough to be able to determine which item a shopper accesses on which shelf in a store. The technology is being used on a trial basis at COEX and in some E-Mart stores and shared offices. The company participates in the development of indoor map services in collaboration with large domestic and foreign technology companies, such as Google and Naver.

Another finalist company, Consciouswear, runs Nakes, a fashion brand that uses environmentally friendly materials. Nakes uses Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly chemicals and coatings for vegan leather treatment to minimize environmental impact throughout the production process. Nakes leather clothing and fashion accessories are affordable and more durable than famous fashion brands.

Vacatio operates Hau, a concierge app service that creates personalized travel packages, currently limited to Jeju Island, Korea. The travel app creates an optimal travel schedule by considering the user’s itinerary, companions, preferred area, and child/pet zone availability. Hau, which has a 93 percent customer retention rate, plans to build an interactive chatbot that can provide automated queries for more than 80 percent of the concierge by learning 100,000 pieces of customer journey data.

Innovaid operates Dentlink, a digital platform that can integrate and manage the referral process between dentists and dental laboratories. While many automated platforms are being developed to link doctors and pharmacies, dentists still do some of their work manually when ordering the fabrication or repair of dental prosthetics, such as crowns and orthodontic appliances. The company’s CEO, Kook Jin-hyuk, who is a dentist, developed Dentlink to advance digitization in the dental field, where emails and phones remain the mainstay of communication.

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