Merex Investment introduces J1 Beach, an internationally renowned beach resort as part of the redevelopment of La Mer South

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–()–Asset management firm Merex Investment has announced a redevelopment of La Mer South, to be called J1 Beach, with the addition of three new seaside experiences: Gigi Rigolatto, Bâoli and Sirene Beach by Gaia, and 10 restaurants luxury that visitors can enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

J1 Beach will become a flagship beach resort destination and the first of its kind in the region, offering uninterrupted sea views, premium F&B offerings and a high-end operator group in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai.

The redevelopment will facilitate visitor connectivity through valet services and ample parking, golf cart shuttle services, and green pathways, which are shaded during the day and illuminated at night to create an ideal environment for bathers. Visitors can even arrive by sea through the framed seaside reception.

The new restaurants for the J1 Beach development will make their debut in the United Arab Emirates and will be fully licensed for day-to-night trading.

Shahram Shamsaee, CEO of Merex Investment Group, said: “J1 Beach is an exciting extension of Dubai, as a leading business and lifestyle destination, and we strongly believe that adding day-to-day lifestyle experiences to the Seaside Night and Restaurants will reimagine the way visitors experience interactive and offers elevated new options.”

“Merex Investments aims to push destinations beyond their commercial potential by capitalizing on prime locations and amplifying place-building principles. The three new additions to J1 Beach will support the growth of local and global partners through the delivery of holistic, convenient and diverse lifestyle assets.”

In line with Merex Investment’s strategic priority of enabling people to re-imagine the way they experience the city, the move will allow residents to be part of Dubai’s ever-growing vibrant and lifestyle landscape.

Merex and Paris Society International have signed an agreement to bring the legendary Gigi Rigolatto to the region for the first time. Chosen among the best brands in the world in its category, Gigi Rigolatto offers its guests an Italian menu, an indoor restaurant, two outdoor terraces, a garden, a Bellini bar, a swimming pool, a children’s circus, a wellness area and direct access to the beach.

Brian Bendix, CEO of Paris Society International, said: “We believe that J1 Beach, the seriousness of Merex’s vision and the diversity of the market-leading offering will resonate not just in Dubai, but globally. It will set a new standard for ultra-premium residential, hospitality and lifestyle beach offerings. After success in Saint Tropez, Paris and Val d’Isère, Dubai is the next natural beach destination for Gigi Rigolatto, which will feature all her extraordinary experiences.”

Developed by Evgeny Kuzin and chef Izu Ani, Sirene Beach by Gaia is the seaside evolution of Dubai’s Greek-Mediterranean concept, Gaia. Evgeny Kuzin, restaurateur and co-founder of Gaia, said: “Research has shown us a shift in global vacation trends, with a huge increase in people opting for regular recreation on beaches and restaurants, rather than travel. An elegant experience, Sirene Beach by Gaia will embody the luxury of beachside leisure, allowing guests to stay all day, relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones. We are very excited to launch Sirene with an exquisite menu designed by Gaia’s culinary team, a contemporary aesthetic, and an unparalleled entertainment and events program on one of the most desirable coastlines in the region.”

Bâoli at J1 Beach will also be another new gateway to the Middle East. Bâoli is a stylish restaurant that has been successful around the world in Miami, USA and Cannes, France, which will offer modern Japanese cuisine and is known for attracting A-listers to the venue.

Sanjeev Nanda, founder of Neat Food, which will run Bâoli Dubai, said: “Bâoli is a retreat-style space inspired by the beautiful baolis of India and will offer a unique experience for J1 Beach visitors. The move to the Middle East is part of the brand’s success in our international destinations and we believe Dubai was the perfect place to continue sharing our world-class hospitality experiences.”

The area will remain closed while construction of the destination takes place and is scheduled to open to the public in late 2023.

About Merex Investments

Merex Investment is a joint venture between Dubai Holding and Brookfield Asset Management, formed in 2019 with a focus on creating long-term value for Dubai residents and the business community. The company, valued at approximately AED5 billion (US$1.4 billion), owns and operates a diversified portfolio of retail assets, including The Beach, City Walk and La Mer, spanning more than 2 million square feet and housing more than 550 retail stores, leisure. and entertainment tenants.

The asset management firm’s investments and strategic partnerships reimagine the way people experience the city, reshape the way businesses interact with their clients, and reshape the way urban spaces are designed to create clean destinations, sustainable and happy. Merex Investment is firmly established as the partner of choice for local entrepreneurs, as well as regional and global companies.

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