Mom looking for free and low cost summer activities for kids

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have three daughters ages 9-12. As a single mom, I’d like to find fun, free or cheap activities to do with them this summer, either at home or nearby when I’m not working. We live in Lisbon and I am very conscious of spending money on a lot of gasoline. I’d love to hear from other parents in the same boat who might have ideas for us. — Sandy, Lisbon

ANSWER: From my perspective, it seems like everything is expensive these days, but exploring the local landmarks, taking a stroll along the river trail, exploring the library, enjoying a popsicle at one of the local convenience stores, are all easy to use. summer activities. Parents of tweens, please write in with your ideas. We will be waiting to hear from you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have arthritis and laundry detergent bottles are difficult to lift and manipulate. I’m curious about the detergent that looks like a fabric softener sheet and dissolves in water. Do these really work? They seem expensive but it would be worth it if they work well and save me from having to lift a big bottle. In addition, they must be better for the environment. — Judith, no town

ANSWER: I have tried the Earth Breeze brand and I am happy with the product. They are fragrance free and come in flat paper packs of 60. If you have a regular sized load of laundry, you can cut them up and use just a half sheet. There are other brands to try such as Tru Earth and Well Earth to name a few. You can also use laundry pods, but sheets are much better for the environment as they are plastic-free, reducing waste and plastic consumption and taking up very little storage space. And besides, the boxes of capsules can be too heavy to carry home from the store, although you wouldn’t have to lift the box every day.

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Readers, if you use the laundry sheets and have a preferred brand, please share the information.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Saturday, July 2, my husband and I went shopping at Walmart and bought quite a few groceries. We are over 80 years old and I use a cane to help me keep my balance. After we paid and started to walk away from the cashier, two teenagers approached us with big smiles, introduced themselves, and said they’d like to help us with our purchases. To be honest I was a bit leery but my husband said yes and asked his names. Lucy and Jen wheeled the cart to our vehicle, unloaded the groceries into the trunk, and told us that they come to the store whenever they can get a ride to help people. They are not old enough to work yet and they do not want anything in return. They explained that they just like to do it and that it makes them happy.

Seeing their smiles and enthusiasm also made us happy. And we hope to see you again. The meeting made our day. — Nameless, Bowdoin

ANSWER: What a nice story. I always say: “Angels are everywhere.” Thanks for sharing.

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