Mom reveals a ‘small’ reason for skipping her niece’s wedding and totally divides opinion

WEDDINGS should be happy times for everyone, but for a woman, they are simply inconvenient.

A mother and aunt of the bride revealed that she is considering not going to her niece’s wedding for various reasons.

A mum has revealed that she is considering not going to her niece's wedding because she doesn't want to leave her daughter behind.


A mum has revealed that she is considering not going to her niece’s wedding because she doesn’t want to leave her daughter behind.Credit: Getty

taking to Mumsnet.coman anonymous woman asked if she was being unreasonable about the nuptials.

“It would mean that I need to leave my dear daughter (14 years old) alone for six hours a day,” she began, explaining that her home is very isolated.

My daughter “has depression and anxiety and our large dog is difficult to handle.

“[I’d have to] drive back half an hour to pick her up for the evening reception, to which she’s invited, and then drive back to the hotel again.

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“I also know that we are not sitting with our relatives for dinner, but we are sitting with the family of the Mother of the Brides, since we all live in the same town.

“They told me that’s why we’re at the same table. I try so hard with them, but they never talk to me. I wave at them and they don’t wave back.”

“I can see them talking to each other and ignoring us.

“My husband says he’s going to the wedding, which is fine with me. But am I being unreasonable?”

After she posted, many people flooded the comments section with divided opinions, with some saying she was simply making excuses not to go and others urging her to skip it.

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One person suggested, “Do you take your daughter with you and leave her in the room so you don’t have to drive back to pick her up and you can see her regularly?”

A second person agreed, saying, “Yes, surely this. And put the dog in kennels overnight.”

“You sound like you’re trying to make this difficult so you don’t have to go.”

To these two people, the woman told them that there are no rooms available in the hotel, so it was not an option.

A third person criticized her for even considering skipping, saying, “I can’t imagine missing my niece or nephew’s wedding for the reasons you’ve mentioned. You’re not even a single mom!”

And a fourth added: “Clearly you don’t want to go, don’t hide behind your daughter as an excuse.”

However, some people were on his side and said that was reason enough not to go.

One person commented, “I just declined the invitation.”

A second pointed out, “So your niece isn’t inviting her cousin to the ceremony, just to the evening reception?

“I wouldn’t worry about offending her. Just don’t go.”

And a third said: “I would go to the evening reception, if it was.

“You’re not going to enjoy the wedding while worrying about your dd and your dog and possible problems at home.

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“It doesn’t seem like you’re particularly close to the niece anyway, like if she thought of you a lot, she would have taken your circumstances into account and invited your dd to the wedding as well.”

What do you think? Should you skip the wedding or take steps to do so?

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People criticized her for using lame excuses not to go.


People criticized her for using lame excuses not to go.Credit: Getty

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