Montreal-area women trying to find a home for orphaned raccoons – Montreal

A Montreal-area woman is doing her best to save some orphaned raccoons.

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She has them living in her house while she looks for a shelter to take them in and hopes you can help.

A friend found them on the road with the mother. The mother was beaten,” said the woman, who does not want to be named for fear she could be accused of keeping wild animals as pets. “They would not have survived alone. They were too young to even know that the mother had died. My friend asked if he could do it, so I said, ‘Sure, no problem.’”

The woman has been harboring the creatures for two and a half months. She even bottle-fed them at first. Now, all four have names: Scooter, Roxy, Smoky, and Bandit.

The rescuer says she is familiar with rescuing animals and there are no signs of any illness.

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Still, raccoons are a handful.

“I love them and I can hug them and everything, but they are wild animals and they should be set free,” he told Global News.

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His goal is to find some kind of animal rehabilitation shelter that will take them in as soon as possible. Susan Mackasey, a friend of the rescuer who runs an animal rescue service herself, is helping with the search. They haven’t had any luck so far.

“I want to see a sanctuary or someone who is used to rehabilitating them and releasing them into the wild, helping us,” he said. “There are some good shrines, but they are full.”

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The rescuer said she called the Humane Society, but was told to release them into the wild and “let nature take its course” or take them to the agency to be euthanized.

The benevolent savior says that they would not be able to fend for themselves in the wild now, and that he would rather welcome them into his home than see them killed.

She is spending hundreds of dollars on supplies and constantly cleaning up after messy and energetic creatures.

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“Caring for them is a full-time job right now,” Mackasey said. “They are getting bigger.”

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The two women believe that the babies deserve a fair chance to grow up.

“We have taken away all their houses everywhere. We build, build, build. It’s more about them than about us,” said the rescuer.

Bill Dowd of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control says he has seen many people try to keep raccoons as pets.

“Homeowners will tell us that they go out and all the faucets in their entire house will be open and there will be water everywhere. The raccoons will go into the bathroom and start opening all the pill bottles,” he told Global News.

He agrees that finding the right sanctuary could be a solution, with someone experienced in turning wild animals away from human assistance.

“It’s going to be a challenge to find a rehabilitation center that can do that, especially this late in the mating or calving season,” he said, explaining that in the spring and summer, the facility is teeming with baby raccoons.

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The raccoon adoptive parents are convinced that they will soon be able to find them a perfect home and hope that by publishing the story, someone will reach out and help them.