MP Chahal announces two projects to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs and investors in Alberta

PrairiesCan funding of more than $860,000 will help deliver business training, financing, mentoring, and investor education programs to further support more than 600 women entrepreneurs and women-owned small businesses

CALGARY, AB, December 9, 2022 /CNW/ – Canada The economy will only reach its full potential when everyone has the opportunity to contribute. An inclusive economy means ensuring that women entrepreneurs have the necessary tools and resources to succeed. That is why the Government of Canada is partnering with organizations that provide leadership and training to enable the full and equal participation of women in from alberta economy.

MP Chahal announces two projects to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs and investors in Alberta (CNW Group/Prairies Economic Development Canada)

MP Chahal announces two projects to build the capacity of women entrepreneurs and investors in Alberta (CNW Group/Prairies Economic Development Canada)

This day Jorge ChahalMember of Parliament for Calgary Skyview, on behalf of the Honorable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan, announced a federal investment of $861,980 for two Calgary-Initiatives based on the growth of small businesses through specific support for women entrepreneurs and investors.

  • The Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association is receiving $375,630 launch a new business incubator program for immigrant women in Alberta to develop entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, create business plans and access start-up financing. This investment is expected to help train more than 60 immigrant women while helping to grow more than 20 small businesses.

  • Movimiento51 is receiving $486,350 to offer financial education workshops and training to women investors in the prairies. The initiative aims to equip women with the skills, confidence and networks to become active early stage investors. More than 550 women in the Prairies are expected to benefit from this training.

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These organizations provide leadership and expertise that support inclusive economic growth in communities around the world. Alberta. With PrairiesCan’s investment, they will increase the rate of women-owned and women-led businesses on the prairies.

In total, the initiatives are expected to directly help more than 600 women entrepreneurs and investors play a leading role in advancing economic growth and innovation in Alberta and through the prairies.


“Our government recognizes that to reach our full economic potential, we cannot afford to leave anyone behind. As more women enter the workforce, we are working to ensure they have the tools and ability to fully participate in the economy, create jobs and be leaders in their community Our government’s investment in the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and Movement51 will ensure that more women entrepreneurs and investors have access to the resources, training and networks needed to move forward their small businesses, create high-quality jobs Canadian workers can trust, and fuel economic growth on the prairies.”
–The Honorable Dan Vandal, Minister of PrairiesCan

Calgary Y Alberta They are full of talented women entrepreneurs and investors, and I am proud to see our government provide the necessary resources to two great organizations that will play a leading role in our economic growth and competitiveness. Our investment in the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and Movement51 will help take women-owned businesses to the next level of growth while building an inclusive economy for our city and province.”
–George Chahal, Member of Parliament for Calgary Skyview

“Creating an inclusive and accessible economy where everyone can succeed is the foundation of our economic strategy and our vision for Calgary. The Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund supports Movement51’s Financial Feminism Investment Lab and this funding, along with the Government of Canada The investment in Movement51 and the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association will help advance women’s economic empowerment in our city as the place to scale big ideas to the size of their ambitions.”
–Deana Haley, Vice President, Corporate Initiatives and Intelligence, Calgary Economic Development

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“CIWA developed an innovative project, Immigrant Women’s Business Circles, in response to the need to support the entrepreneurship of medium-skilled immigrant women in Alberta. With funding from PrairiesCan and CIWA’s comprehensive curriculum, immigrant women can embark on the business trips of their choice. Supporting immigrant women to become business owners allows them to be part of a vibrant ecosystem and a driving force of from alberta economy.”
Paula CalderonCEO, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association

“As we work to close the gender gap in the fields of investment, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, the championship of national partners like PrairiesCan is important to Movement51. This funding will allow us to continue to expand our educational platform that is promoting the full economic participation of women and people of diverse genders in Canada.”
Danielle GiffordExecutive Director, Movimiento51

Fast facts

  • Federal funding is provided through two programs administered by PrairiesCan: the Regional Innovation Ecosystems (RIE) program and the Community Economic Diversification and Development (CEDD) program.

  • Through the CEDD program, PrairiesCan makes targeted investments that aim to drive sustainable and inclusive economic growth and help communities in Alberta, saskatchewan Y Manitoba fully participate in and benefit from economic opportunities.

  • The RIE program creates, grows and nurtures inclusive regional ecosystems that support what companies need to innovate from start to finish and an environment in which companies can innovate, grow and compete.

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SOURCE Prairies Economic Development Canada

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