Net worth and fun facts about the Argentinian star soccer player

On December 18, 2022, Argentina made history by winning the FIFA World Cup after 36 years. One of the greatest football nights in history saw some incredible sporting moments: goals from Lionel Messi, a hat-trick from Frenchman Kylian Mbappe and, of course, an overwhelmed Ángel Di María, who scored the game-changing goal gave Argentina an advantage over the French team. As the star player recorded another great moment in his sports career, we take a look at Ángel Di María’s net worth, some of the most expensive things he owns, and learn some facts about him.

As of December 19, 2022, Ángel Di María has an estimated net worth of USD 18 million celebrity net worth. While fees and other payments from the sport make up a significant part of his wealth, countless brand endorsements add to Di Maria’s net worth. In 2016, Forbes named him one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with an estimated net worth of $22.1 million at the time.

The 34-year-old Argentine has made an undeniable contribution to 2022 FIFA World Cup finals Scoring the second goal in the 36th minute, Di María doubled Messi’s opening score and gave the country the lead even before halftime. This helped create immense pressure on Les Bleus. Pure brilliance was on display at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium as the match went to a penalty shootout and the Albiceleste lifted the gold trophy.

Interesting facts to know about Argentine Ángel Di María and some of the expensive cars he owns

Angel Di Maria’s career achievements

Ángel Di María- career
Image credit: Ángel Di María/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram

Ángel Di María is undoubtedly one of the usual names in football, with an outstanding career, both at club and international level. The excellent winger and midfielder is currently attached to Serie A club Juventus FC.

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In 2007, Di María was capped for the first time with his country in the Under 20 team and the following year he reached the senior team. Such are his skills and renown that he has drawn the attention of iconic European clubs and been associated with the likes of Real Madrid, Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester United before joining Juventus.

Di Maria grabbed headlines when he scored the game-winning goal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 to clinch the gold medal. Although he was unable to score in the 2014 World Cup final due to injury and Argentina lost to Germany, he quenched his thirst for revenge in the 2020 Copa América final after defeating Brazil where he scored the winning goal. He also scored a crucial goal against defending Euro Cup champions Italy to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Club transfers and dues registrations

Ángel Di María- club transfer
Image credit: Ángel Di María/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram

The most striking deal came in 2014 when the midfielder left Real Madrid to join Manchester United for five years. The British club broke all transfer fee records at the time, paying nearly £60 million (about $73 million). However, a year later, he joined the French club, PSG, before joining the current Italian club in July 2022.

As part of PSG, Di María had a splendid debut season in which he set a Ligue 1 record for making the most assists in a single season. This performance streak was also maintained in the 2015-2016 season, with 15 goals and 25 assists. However, the next season was a bit of a bumpy one, as he found it difficult to carve out a place for himself in the starting eleven.

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Di María’s salary and the value of the transfer

Ángel Di María- fees and salary
Image credit: Ángel Di María/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram

One of the top-tier footballers, Ángel Di María, has a huge fee and reportedly continues to enjoy a considerably high transfer value even today. In 2015, PSG signed the Argentine following his spell at Man U, and in October 2018, the two sides signed a contract for a reported annual salary of USD 14.4 million, which equates to a weekly fee of approximately $280k.

When he completed his transfer to Juventus, the club released a statement, saying the star signed a work contract until June 2023. According to Deccan Heraldthe Argentinian winger will earn €7 million (approximately USD 7.14 million) in a single leg in Turin.

Once as close to a transfer value as Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di María today enjoys a reported transfer value of $17 million, entering the late stage of his career.

brand endorsements

Di María also does several brand sponsorships, for which he charges very well. Although it is difficult to cite an approximate number, the list of brands includes Adidas, Budweiser and Fans360. And all of this contributes to Ángel Di María’s net worth.

Di María’s collection of luxury cars

Angel Di Maria- luxury cars
Image Credit: Porsche

Known for his love of luxury cars, the World Cup winner has an impressive portfolio of luxury cars in his garage. According to media reports, the deal with Man U acted as the catalyst to ignite their love in such a way that Di Maria spent more than GBP 750,000 (almost USD 915,000) on premium cars.

After moving to Old Trafford, he hastily spent part of his £300,000 weekly salary (around $366,725) to buy a fleet of SUVs and fast cars. In 2022, before Christmas, she spent GBP 250,000 (approximately USD 305,000) on a fancy Lamborghini Huracan. He augmented this prized possession with an additional £50,000 (approximately US$61,000) of black paint for a more personalized touch.

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Angel Di Maria- luxury cars
Image Credit: Land Rover

This was followed by a “roundabout estate” car: a £90,000 (over US$109,800) Range Rover Sport. The official website says: “The taut body surfaces convey power and performance, while the headlamps, grille and sculpted lower bumper appear stealthy and exude confidence and attitude. The seamless graphic of the taillights sets the rear end apart.”

Complete with chrome accents, state-of-the-art technology, 23-inch wheels and leather interiors make this beast a beauty.

Another impressive name in the Di Maria garage is a great Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, which cost him a whopping GBP 100,000 (about $122,100). The stylish car can reach a speed of 0-60 mph (around 96 kmph) in just four seconds.

In 2015, the soccer star also received an Aston Martin Vantage that reportedly cost £250,000 (US$305,525). Finally, one more car to his credit, a more modest car, is a GBP 60,000 (around USD 73,384) black Corvette Stingray, courtesy of Man U’s jersey sponsor Chevrolet.

Di Maria’s tattoos

Di Maria- tattoos
Image credit: Ángel Di María/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram

While this may not classify as one of the most expensive things to own, Ángel Di María has some precious memories and moments etched on his body. His love of tattoos is evident in the elaborate body art on his arms and legs, many of which have significant meanings.

In 2007, when he left his place to join Benfica, all his friends received a special message that translated into “Being born in El Perdriel was and will be the best thing that has happened to me in my life.”

Di Maria- family
Image credit: Ángel Di María/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram

She also has the names of her daughters, Mia and Pia Di Maria, on her thighs.

He is married to Jorgelina Cardoso and the four of them often go on vacation and spend quality family time whenever possible.

(Main and hero image credit: Eurasia Sport Images/Contributor/Getty Images & Angel Di Maria/ @angeldimariajm/ Instagram)