New survey results underscore racial disparities in government relations- POLITICO

With Daniel Lippmann

DIVERSITY ON K STREET AND BEYOND: Government relations professionals of color disproportionately feel overlooked in their field, according to survey results released today by the Coalition for Diversity in Government Relations (DGR).

— The report, which offered preliminary results before full release this fall, surveyed nearly 900 respondents both inside and outside the DC area. Respondents of color were less likely to feel comfortable expressing opinions at work or feel respected.

— The coalition behind the survey formed last year to study diversity on K Street. In an interview, the co-founder of the DGR Coalition Monica Almondwho runs a leadership development firm, stressed that the results, which show the disparate experiences of white professionals and professionals of color, were not surprising.

— “From our perspective, there are two different work experiences, one for whites and one for people of color,” Almond said. “You have the vast majority of white respondents saying, yes, we feel like our voice is valued… But the flip side of that is presenting a completely different image for people of color.”

— According to results from the DGR Coalition, 59% of staff of color reported feeling comfortable expressing their opinions, compared to 75% of white staff. Fifty-five percent of people of color reported feeling their compensation is fair, compared to 63 percent of their white counterparts.

— In addition, the report disaggregated some results according to gender. Fifty-two percent of women of color agreed with the statement, “Perspectives like mine are included in decision-making in my organization.” Sixty-four percent of white women agreed with the statement. Thirty-two percent of staff-level women of color reported open and honest communication at work, compared to 56 percent of their white counterparts.

— The push to diversify K Street also comes from Hill. Late last year, POLITICO reported that members of the Congressional Black Caucus warned that lobbyists must diversify their businesses or their access could pay a price.

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THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHAMBERS OPINS ON THE RATES: US Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Susanna P. Clarkpublished a new piece at Barron’s on Friday, arguing that the Biden administration should reduce tariffs to tackle inflation.

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— “Inflation has reached its highest level in four decades. Families across the country are feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks. Fears of a recession are growing,” she writes.

— “There is no panacea for these problems, but tariff relief could provide quick and significant relief for American families and businesses. Reducing tariffs is something the Biden administration can do today. Consider:”

— “Tariffs are taxes.”

THE UKRAINIAN LOBBY IN WASHINGTON: Vox‘s Jonathan Guyerwrite about the power players doing Ukraine’s bidding in Washington, in the midst of Russia’s invasion.

— “Ukraine has unleashed an incredible campaign of influence in Washington. There is a backlog in filing lobbying disclosures. But even in the run-up to the war last year, Ukraine’s lobbyists made more than 10,000 contacts with Congress, think tanks and journalists. That’s higher than Saudi Arabia’s well-funded lobbyists, and foreign lobbying experts told Vox they expect this year’s number to grow much higher,” Guyer writes.

— “This spring, I was invited to a fancy dinner with a parliamentary delegation and morning briefings (no breakfast, just coffee) in think tanks with Ukraine’s top negotiator with Russia. Foreign policy reporters in DC have been inundated with requests. A journalist from another outlet, who requested anonymity to be candid, agreed: It’s been a ‘continuous cycle’ of Ukrainian visitors to Washington, they told me, ‘and think tanks that have basically become lobbyists but not for profit'”.

– In March, POLITICAL we wrote our own story about the influential people behind the country’s PR operation.

GREAT BATTLE OF TECHNOLOGY BILLS: Facing a possible tipping point, lobbying around Big Tech antitrust legislation is on the rise, Karl Evers-Hillstrom and Chris Mills Rodrigo at The Hill report”,”link”:{“target”:”NEW”,”attributes”:[],”url”:””,”_id”:”00000181-d0d7-da7b-ad93-ffff120d0007″,”_type”:”33ac701a-72c1-316a-a3a5-13918cf384df”},”_id”:”00000181-d0d7-da7b-ad93-ffff120d0008″,”_type”:”02ec1f82-5e56-3b8c-af6e-6fc7c8772266″}”>Karl Evers-Hillstrom Y Chris Mills Rodrigo a The hill report.

— “All eyes are on the Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (DN.Y.), who will need to decide whether to prioritize measures to regulate Google, Apple, Amazon and Meta over other key bills before the August recess,” the pair write.

— “Much of the lobbying in recent weeks has focused on the Senate’s limited time before lawmakers leave town next month. Congress is not expected to make much progress on important legislation after returning from its break, when lawmakers typically focus their attention on the November election.”

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— “In an effort to run out of time, the Big Four tech companies and their allies in Washington are warning Senate Democrats that their voters expect progress on other pressing issues before the November election.”

DR. OZ ADDRESSES MLM LOBBY GROUP: Kate Lý Johnstonreports at Heartland Signal that Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate Mehmed Oz He went to the Direct Selling Association shortly after his official primary victory.

— “The lobbying group, called the ‘Direct Selling Association,’ hosted the TV personality as a keynote speaker at the conference’s CEO Breakfast event, held at The Boca Raton resort in Florida on March 7. June,” Johnston writes. “The event took place just four days after Oz secured the nomination in a hotly contested primary. On June 3, former hedge fund executive Dave McCormick unexpectedly acknowledged before the statewide recount results were announced, which showed on June 8 that Oz won by less than 1,000 votes.

— “Oz’s presence in Florida is confirmed in a description of an Instagram photo posted by the president and CEO of the DSA Joe Mariano. He can also be seen in a photo posted on Instagram by Greater MuratDirector of Market Research at DSA, according to LinkedIn.

— “Your attendance at the conference, and at another DSA event last fall, highlights your track record in promoting MLM businesses. An MLM company, USANA Health Services, was a sponsor of Oz’s show for much of its 12-year run on television, Politico reported. ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ regularly featured Usana’s nutritional supplements, skin care and wellness products, calling the company a ‘trusted partner and sponsor.’”

matt baldwin joined accounting and business consulting firm armanino as tax partner.

Issi Saumtally United Brunswick Group as partner and chief data officer in the company’s London office. He most recently served as chief data officer for the UK government’s cabinet office.

Matt Grossman unions Macquarie Group as manager of government affairs USAwhere he worked as a specialist in government and community affairs.

Simone Perez has joined the aerospace industries association as senior director of civil aviation. He was a professional staff member of the Senate Commerce Aviation Subcommittee on Safety, Operations and Innovation.

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Alexandra Greenwood has joined the West Coast in next generation america as deputy director of large donations. she has worked in Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions and the DCCC.

lindsey-johnson started today as president and CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association and previously served as president of the US Mortgage Insurers.

Alaska First Fund (Kelly for Alaska, Sarah for Alaska, Save America, Alaska PAC, Save and Restore Alaskan Honor PAC)

Mooney-Donalds JFC (Mooney for Congress 2022, Byron Donalds for Congress)

Vargas Victory Fund (Tony Vargas for Congress, Nebraska Democratic Party)

Bo Hines Freedom Fund (Bo Hines for Congress, BOPAC, House Freedom Fund)

A Greater America PAC (Super PAC)

Facts are stubborn things PAC (Super PAC)

Freedom First USA PAC (leadership PAC: Mark Gonsalves)

Educational PAC (PAC)

Wingman US PAC (Super PAC)

Evergreen PAC Principles (Super PAC)

United Democrats (PAC)

Privacy Protection (Super PAC)

Triumph Foods PAC (PAC)

Our children, not yours PAC (Hybrid PAC)

Reece Wright-McDonald for Utah Senate 2024 (PAC)

Left in red (Super PAC)

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC: Brain Makers

Ballard Partners: Indelible Business Solutions, Inc.

Ballard partners: Walgreen Co.

Avenue Solutions: Simplified, Inc.

Michael Torrey Associates, LLC: Responsible Industry for a Strong Environment

The Raben Group: Brennan Center for Justice

Robert Goodlatte: The Walt Disney Company

Midfield Consulting LLC: Crossroads Strategies, LLC on behalf of TC Services, Inc.

Maynor & Stiers, LLC: Blue Origin

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP: Invitation Homes Inc.

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld: Sunny Glen Children’s Home

The Ferguson Group: Deschutes Basin Control Board

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP: United States Border Fund

Debrunner & Associates, Inc.: Safety-Net Hospital Alliance

Morrison Public Affairs Group: 305 Fitness

Morrison Public Affairs Group: Alliance of American Immigrant Investors

Johnston Group, LLC: East Adams Rural Health Care

Avenue Solutions: Tobacco Free Kids Action Fund

Capitol Hill Advocates LLC: Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

Knight Capitol Consultants: Your Search

High Crest LLC: Elevator

Marshall Brachman: South Carolina Heart Center LP

Marshall Brachman: Philadelphia Cardiology Consultants

Marshall Brachman: Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

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